Remember the Alamo: Pro-Migrant Round-up

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Yesterday was Alamo Day so those posts will lead us into today’s pro-migrant round-up.

Culture Kitchen says Happy Alamo Day: Let Us “Never Forget” The Battle By Batting Immigration.

Confidential Study Suggests Tougher Words for Dems on Immigration along with some words on Alamo Day in America’s Shrine of Martyrdom. (For those that haven’t heard there is supposedly going to be a anti-migrant protest at the Alamo this year on the 4th of July. Also, if you haven’t seen the Alamo, it’s a strange sight as it’s just been built around so it seems very out of place.  I guess they really wanted to memorialize it.)

In an effort to continue the Alamo theme I’ll link to an old post I wrote titled Remember the Alamo? over at American Humanity.

A big “Happy Belated Birthday!” to The Unapologetic Mexican who give us another thoughtful post titled candles on every corner in which he speaks of staring at computers too much and the world that was together just after 9/11 which has sense been splintered into hateful factions. What happened to those people that wanted to help then - the people that didn’t care who you were or where you were from? I was in the towers that day and thankfully made it out alive. We need the compassion that was felt the days after the towers fell - we need the compassion I witnessed traveling down the flights of cement stairs watching the floor numbers as we slowly made it to the first floor. There was a calm and reassurance spoken that we would be ok. Nobody cared who you were, where you were from, or what political party you sided with. We need that back.

Damn Mexicans gives us a post titled Minutemen Point to Leader’s Asian Wife to Prove They’re Not Bigots. Here we get examples of anti-migrant activists using minority partners as a means to prove “they’re not bigots”.

Mexico Trucker gives us the insane musings of a Republican Texas Grandma including “the Mexicans are living here for free and eating our food” in When you know nothing and think you know it all!. He also posts on a Pennsylvania Lawmaker looking for his 15 seconds in the spotlight.

At Generation 1.5 we learn that more high school students are headed to D.C. to support the DREAM Act in Student Lobby In D.C. For The DREAM Act. We need to support education for those the seek it and encourage those that don’t.

The National Immigrant Justice Center doesn’t have a new post, but I wanted to include them and ask that you stop by.

Immigration Pro Blog has Immigrant of the Day: Allan Pinkerton (Scotland) and Health Issues Among Mexican Immigrants.

Juanes plays Madison Square Garden tonight and a cross link to Kyle’s Citizen Orange post titled I Guess It’s Ok to Commit Crimes on Undocumented Since They are “Illegal” Anyway, right? over at Vivir Latino. (I hope it’s ok that Juanes sings in Spanish.)

At the Latin Americanist we have a post (and video) about the pubic opposition to the paramilitary forces in Colombia titled United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

Discover the frustrations of a teacher at Professor Zero in On Being and Not.

At Nuestra Voice we learn that Bill Clinton Adopts New Campaign Role.

Latino Pundit writes on the Failed Immigration Policy.

In I Love My Blog, but… Latino Politico gives us a post about a boy who murdered his father because he wasn’t allowed to use the internet.

La Bloga Celebrates Dr. Seuss.

On the Long Island Wins blog we have the post Community Should Not Be a Matter of Convenience.  Where has affordable housing gone and what effect has it had on migrants?  Many are being taken advantage of through corporate owned houses where rents can be as hight as $6,000 per month.

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