Perchance to DREAM: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Blogging for change; blogeando por cambio; bloguant pour changment at Open Borders Lobby.

Here's a new site to the sphere Orcinus with the post Spiting our faces

Among the folks have been (shall we say) particularly amused by Americans' current fetish about keeping out "illegal aliens" are Native Americans -- who of course have a somewhat unique perspective on the issue, having themselves long endured an "invasion" of "outsiders" and the subsequent "cultural change" that followed.

We are NOT talking Nonsense in Bars at Irish Voices.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we are not giving up on the undocumented Irish in the US. We will continue to battle on their behalf. We will not give up until this battle is over.

ANTIs and PROs find Common Ground! at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American

New Facts on New Bedford Raid: "Infuriated" Boston Financier Bailed Immigrants Out -- Reason: DHS Conduct was "Extremely Un-American", Two New Articles from SSRN (Social Science Research Network), Deportations on the Rise and ICE Ripped for Poor Medical Treatment at Immigration Pro Blog.

Immigration 101 History Why don't today's immigrants have to go through what my greatgrandparents went through when they came here? at Long Island Wins blog. Also Immigrants Up Crime Down says Harvard study and Immigrant student plea for DREAM Act.

Mexican volunteer officers kidnapped at the U.S. Mexico border in TURF WAR MANEUVERINGS at Border Reporter.

Dream Act Texas speaks on Europe's similar issues with immigration and allowing a path to citizenship for migrants in the military in Military provision, an OPTION, a CHOICE, a DREAM and a prayer for education in A Miracle for the DREAMERS: Madre Chole.

The One We’ve Been Waiting For: Obama on Race at DMI blog.

Cuz Anarchy is Organized- 5th Anniversary of the War Against Iraq at I am a DREAMer.

Academics, Candidates, and the 2008 election at Immigrants and Politics blog.

Click A Good Friend Would Say Something to read Nezua's message to the U.S. on the anniversary of the Iraq War and watch Tazing Eugene [MTV vlog 3-19-08] Nezua's latest MTV video over at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Today’s Video: Miguel Bose @ "Peace Without Borders" over at The Latin Americanist.

In Iraq: 5 Years Later at Para Justicia y Libertad get a breakdown of the facts and figures of this terrible war.

On 5th Anniversary of Iraq War, Wisdom from Ancient War Sage Sun Tzu at Of América. Read a simple yet important message from Sun Tzu.

Hagel: US May Need New Political Party at Nuestra Voice.

Univision Shocks Latino Community With Political Donation to Known Punitive Immigration Legislator at Latina Lista.

Storming Heaven's Gate/What Women Can Do at La Bloga. "This is a multicultural anthology of spiritual writings by women. In rediscovering spirituality in a female context, this is ideal source material."

James Cone on Black Liberation Theology at Culture Kitchen.

Obama Speech Reactions at Blabbeando.

When Truth is Optional at Wild Chihuahuas.

I am not against anybody but !!!!!!!!!!! at Pro Inmigrant.

Mexican cross border drayage trucks revealed (28 photos - RAW) at Mexico Trucker.

IDs unequal across the board, Migrants too scared to report crimes?, Boston Financier Steps In to Bail Out Immigrants and LAPD says high homicide rate is not race related at Just News.

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Will said:

Hey symsess, can you share this with your readers so they can vote for their favorite? The deadline is March 31. Thanks! -Will

Vote now for video contest on Immigrant Rights!

The Movement Vision Lab Video Contest — Cast Your Vote!

The Movement Vision Lab received a dozen entries in their first ever video contest. And now it's your turn to weigh in and tell them which ones you like most, as they decide which to award the $1000 prize to.

The Movement Vision Lab staff has winnowed down the entries to their top five. Check them out below --- and log-in to the Movement Vision Lab and post a comment on this page saying which video you like most and why. OR you can vote directly on the You Tube pages via the links. The comment period will last two weeks, and then they'll announce the winner! So tell them what you think today!

Remember, the contest is about Immigration and Community Values. Vote for the video that you think best tells America that, immigrants and citizens alike, we're all in it together!

So, without further ado, the finalists (in no particular order) CLICK HERE:

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