One More Bush Plan to Leave a Legacy of Injustice

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I received the following statement a couple of days ago from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"Before he leaves office, President Bush is trying to give another gift to his corporate allies. His Department of Labor has proposed sweeping changes to regulations intended to protect both U.S. and foreign workers in this country. The deadline for public comment is March 31, 2008, just a week away. Please add your voice to those who say 'no' to labor abuse.

"Farmworkers put food on our tables. Every time we sit down for a meal, we should thank them. Yet, if the Bush Administration gets its way, it will be easier for giant growers like Del Monte to hide behind middlemen and evade responsibility for labor abuses from which they profit. It also will be easier for big corporations to bring in foreign workers even if there is no shortage of U.S. labor. In a myriad of ways, the Bush Administration's proposals would erode protections for all workers.

"The systematic abuse of foreign and domestic laborers by powerful corporate interests is one of the most important human rights issues of our time. We've issued a major report, Close to Slavery, that exposes how "guestworkers" imported into this country are routinely exploited. We've also filed numerous lawsuits against some of the worst corporate violators. Just last week, we won a major victory against a Del Monte subsidiary.

"But it will take more than lawsuits and reports to stop the Bush Administration. It will take a public outcry from people of good will across the nation. Add your voice to those who say 'no' to labor abuse."

If you are so inclined, please go here to leave your input on this important issue.

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barb said:

Thanks for posting this! you know I'm really surprised this issue isn't getting more attention than it is. The DOL's proposal is going to slash wages for farmworkers (both those here and those coming in from abroad) --the Bush administration has got to be the only people in this country who think FARM WORKERS GET PAID TOO MUCH MONEY! People should definitely submit comments during the public comment period, which by the way ends April 14th for the DOL but is still March 31st for the DHS.

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