No More Hate: Pro-Migrant Roundup

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The many wonderful people represented in this roundup, in the links to the right and many we have yet to discover are working to stop the hatred being perpetrated against migrants.  I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but we can open people's eyes and make this country a better place.  I believe our cause is like warmth and that so many are out in the cold.  We must show them the joy of being warm.  Helping just feels better than hating.  Who can argue with that? - symsess

Damn Mexicans has noticed many people looking for immigration information and ending up at his blog so he provides three great resources.

Check out new posts over at Mexico Trucker including More Mexican Troops At The Border, The Geopolitics of Dope, Independent Truckers See End of Roas and NAFTA a success, It is time to improve on that success.

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American begins outlining the history of South Texas which is important to the issue of immigration.

The Coyote Chronicles points us to another blog post at Ginger Snaps titled “Too much hate in this world…and in ourselves”

Dream Act Texas thanks George Bush (as we all should) for getting so many out to vote.

I like corn, but we find over at DMI Blog that it’s cities, not corn, that drive the U.S economy.

Prerna provides a great list of pro-migrant blogs while calling on us to research and compile Dream resources.

Blabbeando has two good posts – one about Melania, a transgendered teen from Colorado who has the love of her mother, but faces many emotional obstacles from the outside as well as a post on New York’s Out People of Color Political Action club supporting Obama.

As voices are heard in support of Obama we learn from Culture Kitchen why Obama is coming out on top.

Prisons as a big business sounds odd to me, but it’s exactly how the face of incarceration is changing across this country. Like any business these jails will need costumers to make a profit. How will they ensure an influx of prisoners? T Don Hutto talks about Corrections Corporation of America’s bid to control U.S. prisons.

Latino Netroots provides an round-up of their own along with a podcast.

Dos Centavos hails from Harris county, where I grew up, and gives us some stats on Democratic voting numbers there, some information on the local politician Joe Crabb and photos from a celebration with Hillary.

American Humanity sites an article from Chicago about local activists working to thwart the terrible tactics of U.S. immigration agents. Anti-migrants say "it's the law" and I say yes it's the law of humanity, the law of compassion. ("There is but one law for all, namely that law which governs all law, the law of our Creator, the law of humanity, justice, equity -- the law of nature and of nations. (Obama)."

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