No Borders: Pro-migrant Round-up

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People Migrate links to the Smart Borders blog where we can read about the NO Border Wall Walk. This is an important event and I encourage everyone to stop by and leave your thoughts. Here’s day two: No Border Wall March to Brownsville. Here’s day one: No Border Wall Walk- Day 1 or A Lesson in Solidarity.

Watch an ICE raid video over at The Unapologetic Mexican in the post “The Nice ICE?”. Also, read Felons For Clinton. Bush sings before taking a bow in Someone Said Something About Banality?.

Watch an authentic Mardi Gras Indian dance at Professor Zero.

Who’s this week's scumbag? Find out at Damn Mexicans.

We’ve all had an irate commenter who thinks that name calling and profanity is a great way to get their point across. Dream Act Texas has a quick post on this in This is a civil blog. “Ice can’t freeze freedom of speech” is chanted by students from SWER in the post Stop Prosecution, Reform the Constitution. Read more about this group, Students Working for Equal Rights. Also read the story Reduce tuition for Out-of-State students, but not for DREAMERS.

American Humanity writes about another Pennsylvania hero who’s not afraid to “speak his mind” using racist terms like “camel jockey” on his oversize billboard. He asks that we annihilate all 27 million Iraqi people and while his business is called “Casa D’ Ice” he’s a big “English only” advocate. Read more in Casa D’ Ice Not Too Nice.

There are many great blogs posted here, but please make sure and visit I am a DREAMer as there are many ideas to help migrants and make the DREAM act a possibility. Today we have UN report on human rights of migrants in the United States and many articles on immigration in the post Opposing Viewpoints Database - Articles on Immigration. Also, please don’t forget to check out the DREAM Act spam project.

Sadly name calling, false claims and irrational rhetoric are all a part of the anti-migrants platform. Illegal is Illegal posts Immigration debate should be fact-based.

At Immigrants in USA Blog we have Students celebrate diversity where students use National Foreign Language Week to showcase their diversity. We also have Helping immigrants live the dream of living off the land and Crafting a cultural identity.

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American writes Professor Fletcher: NAFTA Economic Impacts and Anti Immigration Vehemence Against Latinos!. Twelve years into the NAFTA agreement we have the loss of 900,000 jobs in the U.S. and the inability of Mexican farmers to compete with the U.S.

Immigration Prof Blog tells us The Southern Poverty Law Center Releases “The Year in Hate” Report. If you don’t know America’s Toughest Sheriff! read more. He’s a true anti-migrant hero who’s not afraid to destroy a few lives. The Immigrant of the Day: Peter Brimelow (United Kingdom) is a well known anti-migrant (though he’s one himself), author of the book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster and webmaster of the site VDARE.

Just News links to the article Austin woman wins grant for immigrant detainee network.

Long Island Wins tells us there’s a national rush to push bills against immigrants. It’s up to us to keep the information moving or these bills may just pass while nobody is watching.

Physicist Bill Foster Wins IL-14 Congressional Race: Dennis Hastert’s seat is now Blue at Culture Kitchen.

Illegal Immigrants Slip As Hot Voter Issue at Nuestro Voice.

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