Nativists In The Nude: Pro-migrant Round-up

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Continue the fight against the SAVE Act.

Action Alert on Shuler/Tancredo Bill over at Irish Voices blog.

ANTIs In Congress To FORCE Introduction of SAVE ACT (GESTAPO Bill) at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American.

Note to Readers: A number of ANTI websites including FAIR, NumbersUSA, and others are providing their members (blind followers) free fax and form letters for emails. They are being asked to mass call and deluge Congress´ emails and faxes. The ANTI sites are keeping track and hounding all Congress members who have not signed on. Here is an example of what the ANTI sites are saying. READ HERE
(Please visit ITWMA's blog, but I wanted to quote this because we have to act!) According to Roy Beck, of Numbers USA, "Nothing is more important in the fight against illegal immigration." Of course Roy Beck and his followers also want to stop immigration all together. Personally I believe nothing is more important than showing compassion towards one another and working towards a more positive world, but I guess that's why I'm not Roy Beck.

I am a DREAMer asks all DREAMers to participate in a questionaire. Please stop by and let your story and your voice be heard. Calling all DREAM Act Students to Participate - Giving Voice to our DREAMs. Also read Being ‘illegal’ gay and from Iran with no hope of political asylum?

No Border Wall Walk- Day 6 or the Day of Reflection at Smart Borders.

Immigration, which is the primary basis of our opposition to the borer wall, is the civil rights issue of the 21st century. Our country has 12 million extralegal workers living and contributing to our GDP, and at least twice as many people who depend on their working power and hope to keep the extralegal residents “illegal.”

This first post from Culture Kitchen reminds me of a terrible joke that states if the government can track the livestock accurately back then they should give every undocumented migrant a cow. (Although, I believe the implication is that they be treated as such.) More Insanity from Rep. Steve King (R-IA): "...we do this with livestock all the time" , I am watching BLINDSIGHT the documentary and all I have to say is WOW!, and Black and Missing But Not Forgotten which publicizes missing persons cases not picked up by the media.

Visit Immigration Prof Blog for Resources for Dispelling Myths about Immigrants. Take a break and watch the wonderful video Deportee by Arlo Guthrie and Emmylou Harris. Also Keep on the Look-Out for A New Film: Paraiso Travel and Bill Gates to Congress: We Need Foreign-Born Scientists and Engineers.

Vivir Latino give us Geraldine Ferraro's Privilege Cup Overfloweth.

Dos Centavos writes DWI versus DWM and Thoughts on Spitzer. Also read Sniff...Sniff...Shafted Again... as none of the blogs from our roll made it to the list. Let's work on changing that. There are some really good writers and intelligent people represented here.

China Reports on US Human Rights Violations on Day Condoleeza Rice Signs Agreement to Fight Racial Discrimination at Latina Lista. I haven't taken time to read it yet, but here's a quote from this post.

The report goes as far as to bluntly say: "Racial discrimination is a deep-rooted social illness in the United States."

A commenter over at The Unapologetic Mexican states "We might need a white MLK" in whtmlk and the hardcoldtruth.

The Latin Americanist writes Bloggers of the World Unite! and gives us the scoop on various happenings. Let's all meet in Cancun for the inagural season of La Compasionistas futbol team.

Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: Alejo Carpentier and MORE and Notes from the Underground. Stop by and give Professor Zero a hug.

Read dreams, aspirations and the law over at One Step Closer. Take the time to get to know this blogger by reading the post.

More Government Ineptitude at Border Reporter questions how much the government really cares when they don't even make sure their website is working properly.

Businesses Face Cut in Immigrant Work Force over at Nuestra Voice.

Stop by La Bloga for Awards, a Reading, Identity Again, Gordo Goes to College, and a Brother in Seoul.

Multiplicative Identity writes Basta ya! Steinem and Ferraro need to pack up their bitterness and disappear already. The character-assasination attempts have backfired and it's to to stop the ridiculousness.

Latino Politics Blog writes Grabbing the nearest book - Los Republicanos by Leslie Sanchez.

U.S. Citizens -children of undocumented parents are not considered state residents in VA.? at DREAM Act Texas. Apparently living in a state since you were a child and being an honorable contributing citizen does not make you a state resident.

Nativist Leader Cited For Indecent Exposure at Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog. Galeener seems like a real nice guy and he's not afraid to show it.

Legislation to Repeal HIV ban moves through Senate committee at Immigration Equality.

Wild Chihuahuas writes on Admiral Fallon's resignation over alleged differences with Bush regarding Iran in Drumbeats.

Read Going down that bright road to Dystopia over at Long Island Wins blog.

Pro-migrant groups in Indiana have been fighting against Mike Delph's anti-migrant legislation and it looks like they're victorious.  Find the link over at American Humanity in Immigration bill appears dead - The Indianapolis Star.

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