"I Voted For A 'Smart' Fence": Pro-migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Most of us agree that dumb fences are, well, just dumb. But 'smart' fences - that's another story. These 'smart' fences may even be able to tell us the meaning of life.  Unfortunately for their creator, the fences may have an epiphany causing them to implode and fall.

A Dream Deferred has officially launched. Watch the video here and take a moment to visit this wonderul site at A Dream Deferred.

Smart Borders writes Humansarehumansarehumans…

“People in the detention centers are treated as things,” an ACLU attorney stated to me at tonight’s meeting at San Felipe de Jesus Church in Brownsville. “In Raymondville, they referred to people as ‘bodies’ and their quarters as ‘pods.’ It is the most dehumanizing thing.”

Also read The Difference between the Dalai Lama and a Satyagrahi.

Read Los Desaparecidos at La Mariposa en la Pared.

While some of us read the morning paper, drank coffee, lingered in bed, made love, or worshiped the Lord, others were hard at work thoughtlessly plucking people from their lives of work and worry and placing them into prisons at the taxpayers' burden. A group of ICE officers, who had dined and drank and yucked it up with the waiter at that very restaurant the night before, laughed at the funny joke they were now playing on their gracious hosts.

NO TO SAVE ACT at Illegal Is Illegal.

In Swarthy Need Not Apply we learn of America's light skinned bias at Damn Mexicans.

Read The McCain of the Moment and Immigration at Orcinus on McCain's flip flopping.

And this is especially the case with immigration. The co-author of the Kennedy-McCain Immigration Act -- which, comparatively speaking, took a moderate approach to immigration reform -- McCain is now saying that he wouldn't even vote for it now, let alone co-author it:

For those of us, which I'd imagine are many, that enjoy the great posts from Dream Act Texas each day I recommend using an rss feed reader and adding this blog (Here's the link). You'll have something new to read all throughout the day.

Why isn't the SAVE Act getting more press? It seems the only ones speaking of this clandestine bill are ourselves and the anti-migrants - read The Secret S.A.V.E. ACT: Why isn't the LA City Council Press Release in the LA Times? and even though the LA Times didn't report on it From our friends in CA - No to SAVE Act

I Was This Close To Finding A Pony at Latino Politico.

I've been waiting for a news story to flash across my screen that doesn't involve human beings of the brown persuasion getting rounded up like cattle at their places of employment.

Celebrando a Cesar E.Chavez at Dos Centavos.

Go over to Pro Inmigrant to watch some videos of Minutement acting like Minutemen in One Saturday with Racist Vigilantes (Minutemen).

At Irish Voices read Taoiseach Bertie Ahern Turns His Back on Reform for the Undocumented Irish.

Who's the Boss? DHS' Chertoff has "Identity" Issues with Congress at Latina Lista.

So, what's the big deal about this Read ID Act? For starters, it was created (supposedly) to protect against terrorist entry into the country. Also, there are a few amendments slapped on for good measure amending the Immigration and Nationality Act. After all, undocumented immigrants and terrorists are interchangeable labels in the eyes of the DHS.

Europe's First Immigrants? In The Church & the Green Card Soldiers we read

.."tens of thousands of foreign-born members in the U.S. armed forces. Many have been naturalized, but more than 20,000 are not U.S. citizens. "Green card soldiers,"

For something lighter a tribute to Lou Dobbs at Eristic Ragemail in And now for something lighter: Click Here to See Lou Dobbs Mocked (very funny).

Addled Aryans: Red Faces Light Up White Supremacists at Hatewatch blog from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Aryan support dies down once they found out the person they were supporting was half Puerto Rican. Nice.

Smart fence? Stupid fence? - Border Control Policy

Taxi! Do Drivers of Color Get Less Tips? at Vivir Latino.

Will their be a call to doll deportation soon? Read Brown Barbie Power! unless you're scared of dark-skinned dolls. Is Al Gore the answer? Read Is Avoidance the Answer? to find out at The Unapologetic Mexican.

At the Latin Americanist watch Today’s Video: “One-hit Wonders” - ? and the Mysterians.

At Nuestra Voice read Clinton Dismisses Call To End Her Campaign.

At Matt Ortega take a break and watch George Lopez's in Why You Crying?.

Books, Movies and Music at La Bloga.

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