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Harry Houdini was a migrant adopted by America and celebrated for his ability to escape various situations as well as his ability to make an elephant disappear.  Though not all migrants will come to know the fame of Houdini they, just like him, want to be citizens of this great nation. Sadly because of the onslaught of anti-migrant sentiment and laws they have come to know the terror of living in the shadows instead. 

ICE's military style raids of homes and businesses have many people searching for their loved ones and coming up empty handed.  Please read the Dream Act Texas post for resources to help find loved ones and feel free to provide others you may know of. 

U.S. Immigration Director Whines on His Blog and Story Time! - Office Lunch at Damn Mexicans. It's one thing to feel the punch to the gut when someone you deal with daily turns out to be a nativist - it's another when you're one of "those people" they're ranting about.

At Pro Inmigrant - Youths attack two Latino men with rocks, racist words.

Breakthrough released the ICE game recently while ICE themselves have been playing another game for quite sometime in ICE's game: make the immigrant disappear the agency plays Houdini with migrant's family members turning ordinary people into gumshoes searching for their relatives. Please see this post for resources to help find relatives arrested by ICE. - Dream Act Texas

Federal Immigrant Detention Policy Needlessly Tears Apart Families at Latina Lista.

This month, three months after she was first arrested, Margarita will finally be released from the detention center but won't be seeing her children. Instead, she'll be loaded on a transport and taken back to Mexico.

In It doesn't just happen to Latinos Dream Act Texas tells us of the Haitian migrant, Edwidge Danticat's story, which she wrote about in her book "Brother, I'm Dying."

Chronicle of Higher Education Article - Why Congress Should Revive the DREAM ACT at I am a DREAMer.

"They Wanted to Take My Baby": Interviews with Immigrant Detainees at the National Immigrant Justice Center. - This is a video which you should definitely watch.

That dialogue on race at Orcinus.

Monday UAFA targets at Immigration Equality. Take action against a comment by Peter Sprigg, vice president of policy at the Family Research Council - "I would much prefer to export homosexuals from the United States than to import them into the United States because we believe homosexuality is destructive to society."

Immigration Prof Blog asks us to Declare a War on Racism.

With Obama's speech as a catalyst it's time to battle this awful part of our society. Barack Obama’s speech on our nation’s racial divide juxtaposed with the fifth anniversary of our invasion of Iraq gives us an opportunity to declare another war—a war on racism in America. With race on the front pages, the opportunity is ripe for President Bush and all of the presidential hopefuls to declare war on bigotry and hate.

Also at Immigration Prof Blog - New SSRN Immigration Articles, Ban on travelers with HIV into U.S. reviewed and Immigration Law Impacts Families.

Israel “Cachao” Lopez : Siempre Presente en la Musica at Vivir Latino.

In Shining, Gleaming, Streaming, Flaxen, Waxen and Playing the Dumbass Card The Unapologetic Mexican talks about the negative infection of the word war web and the importance of facial hair politics. Maybe I should grow a beard too.

Today’s Video: “One-hit Wonders” - Martika at The Latin Americanist. If you read the lyrics it can be (very loosely) interpreted as American talking to migrants.

Blabbeando chimes in on the 80's in Musica: Rap boy rap!

My Dad and Bill Gates as Advocates for Immigration Reform at Smart Borders. "America must move beyond the outdated idea of anybody being an outsider."

Get a cooking lesson at Professor Zero in Comida RAPIDA.

Monsr. Oscar A. Romero Day: A Reminder that Theology has Already Been Liberated at Of América. As I've read the nativists decry that "their" space and way of life is being consumed by migrants I enjoy this quote from this post on Oscar Romero - "I am above all the things that try to enchain me. Neither death nor life nor money nor power nor flattery – nothing can take from one this transcendent calling."

Guest Column - Mexican Cops Better Armed Than U.S. Marines The Border Report

New York City Area Losing Jobs at Working Immigrants.

According to the NY Times, The New York City metropolitan area is losing financial sector and other high paying jobs which are filled overseas because visas are so difficult to obtain.

Bush: U.S. Deaths In Iraq ‘Laid Foundations For Peace’ at Nuestra Voice. And I guess the deaths of September 11 laid the foundation for the war. What 'peace' is Bush referring to? The one where people are mercilessly murdered for no reason?

Adobada Hangover at Latino Politico -

...for every human rights-oriented voice that stays out of the civic engagement game, a notch is turned up on the megaphone to figures like Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe.

Book Review at La Bloga - "Calligraphy of the Witch"

From Culture Kitchen - The Democrats and lone Republican and Independent who said "NO" to the war in Iraq. For all the nativists that think migrants are draining their economy look no further than the Iraq war - VIDEO : $720 Million a day.

We need veggie pickers! at Long Island Wins blog. Also New folks at LIWins and Business visa drought hurts NY economy.

I wrote about this as well at American Humanity in Major Grower Ends Crop, Lacking Workers - AP. It's great that the nativists scream and yell for work to go to citizens, but where are they? This article states pay of $16.59 per hour which seems pretty good to me. So where are the workers? Oh, they're being deported.

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