Homeland Security Hilarity: I Poop On You!

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Damn Mexicans linked to two hilarious Wonkette posts about the Department of Homeland Security that I thought would be good Tuesday reading. 

The first article describes outgoing USCIS director, Emilio Gonzalo, whining about a New York Times article on the horrible backlogs that have resulted during his tenure.  I love it that they call him a dumb blogger, and I also love all the comments that were published on the USCIS blog.  In addition to the comments Wonkette pointed out, here are a few more happy USCIS customers:
I have been waiting for a decision for 5 years now. When I call no one knows how long it will take or will do anything to find out why it's taking so long or what is needed to get my aplication (sic) processed. The referals(sic) are useless always contain the same answers: backlog or need more time. I have been paying taxes for 10 years now yet i(sic) do not qualify for most benefits and cannot visit family members that are overseas. This delay and lack of care is a true disrespect for aplicants (sic).
- Anonymous

Its so hard to be away from my wife for so long she sent in a I-130 application from Feb. 2004 and to date its still pending. When you check the visa bullitin(sic) the visa times are moving faster than how USCIS is aproving(sic) the cases cause they seem to be stuck at Jan 2005 for the longest while which is after my case date i must add yet "still pending" I would love to be with my wife so we can start having our kids and be a family again. Seeing her twice per year is not good not to mention those who have not seen there wives or husbands in years.
- Ricki

My experience in dealing with USCIS leaves no doubt in my mind that New York Times is very right in its assessment.
I have been a victim of USCIS ignorance and high & mighty attitude for the past 8 years.
- Anonymous

There's dozens of comments like this, feel free to read more.

The second hilarious Homeland Security article was highlighted by Wonkette and comes to us from the Minneapolis - St. Paul Star Tribune.  In turns out someone defecated in several rooms of a DHS office in Minnesota:

The Shitting Bandit apparently just wandered in through an unlocked door in, let's repeat that, the Minnesota Homeland Security building. He was captured on film by surveillance cameras, but police doubt they will ever get the sick individual in custody.

If that isn't a form of protest I don't know what is.  Thanks for the reading Damn Mexicans!

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Veasna Chhay said:

I have one suugestion for USCIS :
Giving dateline to FBI for backgroung and name security cheks,like 6 months or 8 months, beyond which a result or decision must be mailed to USCIS Centers in charge so that they can move forward on their applications for US citizenships. If FBI needs more information or have any questions , the applicants shoul be informed by mail so that their names secutity can be cleared in a timely manner. It'not fair to them just wait for their pending cases without knowing when their will be a result from FBI while many other applicants who applied after them 've already got their citizenships.Life is short.Few people live beyond 100 years . Some applicants may die before their pending applications get any decision. Approved or not there must be a timelimit. It's inhuman to keep cases pending, pending without dateline for decision.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for stopping by Veasna Chhay and voicing your views. The background checks are certainly a major hold up for migrants awaiting decisions to be admitted into the U.S. legally and should be expedited. Anti-migrant groups like FAIR and NumberUSA pretend they stand up for legal immigrants, but when they suffer through the USCIS bureaucracy they are nowhere to be found.

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