Geraldo Rivera's "HisPanic": Pro-migrant Round-up

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When I read the post Geraldo Rivera and the Zeitgeist of the New Nativist over at Eristic Ragemail I wanted to fire back on Amazon against those that chose to bash a book they'd never read. But I guess I should have realized that this is actually right up the nativist's alley as it mirrors the way they treat people.  They always seem to be looking for someone to hate and thankfully for us they often even look within their own faction for victims.

I'm reading Geraldo's book now so here's a link to a quick post I wrote with some quotes from it. 

What's the real problem of Lou Dobbs with HIS PANIC specially with Mexicans? at Pro Inmigrant along with Convicted of Federal Civil Rights Violations After Burning Cross and the terrible story of Francisco Castaneda who died from penile cancer in a detention center. (Here's a link to this story on this blog written by Kyle.)

This is a very important must read article for everyone. Revisting The Words We Use: The Rhetoric of Race at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Sadly, closet racists are unaware of their prejudices. Since this country refuses to take responsibility for sweeping racism under the rug, people will continue to feel like they are stepping on egg shells. As long as we continue to believing in a fallacy racism does not exist because we live in color-blind society, closet racist will continue to point to other groups, using terms such as “they,” or “those people,” instead of referring to themselves.

Check out Kyle's first Immigration post at his MTV Street Team blog.

Race is a proxy for ‘illegal’ presence at I am a DREAMer.

Ice Raids in Arkansas and 921 migrants die trying to reach Spain in 2007 at Dream Act Texas.

Illegal is Illegal? writes Going after kids. "One of the more disturbing issues in the immigration debate is its impact on children, including American citizens in immigrant families." In this article we read of the ALIPAC statements regarding Nickelodeon's program on the effects of deportation on migrant children.

A Post-Racial Society at Nuestra Voice.

Latina Lista's Guest Voz: It's Time Women are Recognized for Skills They Have to Build Peace.

Seasonal immigrant workers severely cut back, pawn in immigration bill struggle at Working Immigrants.

Immigration Prof Blog Jaya Ramji-Nogales (Temple) has blogged on recent United Nations' criticism of the U.S. detention of immigrants. Check it out at  Also USCIS Director Resigns. "Emilio Gonzalez, the immigration official who promised to bring an ethos of corporate efficiency to the immigration bureaucracy but ran into difficulties has resigned."

No Border Wall Walk- Day 7 or A Day of Thanksgiving at Smart Borders blog.

Continuing in the same vein of praise, I would also like to thank the individual members of this walk. These people have dedicated nine days of their lives, 126 miles of their feet, and 24 hours of every single day to the purpose of protesting the injustice of the Secure Fence Act of 2006, supporting the sanctity of all border regions, and respecting the divine spark of humanity in every single immigrant.

Flaminco Friday at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Before the Incas, There were Temples in Peru and Is Access to Buying Computers a Sign of Change in Raul's Cuba? at The Latin Americanist. Does having more pocessions make you 'free' or is the saying true that the things you own own you?

Neglected over at One Step Closer.

Sing with Professor Zero in Cantos de vida y esperanza.

Latino Evangelicals and Immigration and Lonely quest of Brian Beedenbender at Long Island Wins.

Challenge International Web Seminar: Green Cities and It's STILL the Economy, Stupid at Culture Kitchen.

Cross Border Trucking Program - The Storm after the calm over at Mexico Trucker.

Itty-Bitty Hiatus at Dreams Unlimited, LLC. Please take the time to support this DREAMer.

Patience at A Dream Deferred.

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