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Many here know Arpaio is an anti-migrant hero.  He is celebrated for his ridiculous treatment of criminals and 'crackdown' on migrants in his Arizona community.  Though I'm not sure what positive effect Joe's criminal treatment provides I believe I have to agree with this quote from an Irish judge that Joe "appears to take a chillingly sadistic pleasure in his role as incarcerator."  It's quite obvious that Joe cares not for people in general or he wouldn't have staged a raid on Good Friday.  What harm is a migrant worker doing that he couldn't wait until after the Holy weekend?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio knows how to celebrate the Holy weekend and Jesus' sacrifice in Sheriff Joe Arpaio uses Easter weekend to round up brown people in Phoenix at Multiplicative Identity

Sheriff Joe Crucifies Human Rights on Good Friday at Latino Politico.

I failed to add this to yesterday's sphere so I wanted to give it attention today. From I am a DREAMer read Militarization of migration control - Scapegoating, Xenophobia and Profit-Making. There is more on this in Dream Act Texas's posts.

Many anti-migrants claim they are for "legal" immigration which stuns me as they often cite FAIR and Numbers USA in their arguments. For any of you that have spent time reading through anti-migrant message boards you know the nasty things written there.

Border Reporter gives us some terrible words used to describe migrants in A HOLDING PEN FOR WETBACKS

A crotchety, 75-year-old general manager of an Austin, Texas, water supply company is facing calls for his resignation after he referred to a proposed detention facility south of the city as a “holding pen for wetbacks” in a public notice, the Austin American-Statesman reports this morning.

Even ANTIs say NO to SAVE (Gestapo) Act! at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American. A great way to pass laws against all citizens is to create fear within the populous (see the Patriot Act).

Read this interesting post over at Hatewatch - Racists’ Headquarters Has a Surprising Owner.

Two posts at Smart Borders: America - The Story of Integration talks about Obama's speech and Good Friday’s Implications. From this post a quote from Martin Luther King:

Suddenly the truth was revealed that hate is a contagion; that it grows and spreads as a disease; that no society is so healthy that it can automatically maintain its immunity…The words of Jesus ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of my brethren, ye have done it unto me’ were more than a figurative expression;
Continue reading at Smart Borders.

Putting the racist extremists in their place - Debunking the myths at Mexico Trucker.

April Fool's Day marks decline in American competitiveness at Long Island Wins Blog.

Damn Mexicans writes on the general lack of compassion in our jail system in  Child's Dying Wish Going Unfulfilled

A kick in the teeth for Irish in America at Voices from the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.

Trying to understand La Misma Luna - a review of the movie and Chertoff: we are serious about immigration enforcement

Chertoff's comment sounds comical - it is very clear that DHS and ICE are not "serious" about enforcement. What they are serious about is producing fear among a significant amount of the U.S. population - while falsely announcing that enforcement will create a "safe America" for citizens.
Also read Who are the EMOs and Why are They Under Attack? and Next Requirement to Become a USA Permanent Resident: You Must Give Oral Sex to ICE Employees.

In The Drunken Dealer The Unapologetic Mexican speaks about the "race card" - a tactic used to shutdown arguments.

Today’s Video: Juanes @ "Peace Without Borders" at The Latin Americanist.

The economic state of the nation is truly troubling and I hope we're not going to continue going downhill. Read 'My House. My Dream. It Was All an Illusion.' to get a perspective on this terrible crisis. Also read Study highlights language barriers to healthcare at Just News.

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