Focusing on the SAVE Act: Pro-migrant Round-up

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As far as I’m aware the SAVE Act is currently the next and worse federal piece of legislation against migrants. Kyle has a great writeup on this inappropriately named bill which is supported by our favorite politician Tom Tancredo.

Have you written, called and faxed your congressional representatives yet? The SAVE act is pending and we can’t let it pass. Visit Immigrants List for more information. Please take a moment to create a letter using their form and help them reach their goal of 2,000. (last check they’ve surpassed this goal, but let’s keep the number rising.)

You must read this post or you’ll force me to say please: Best Have Your Papers In Order: New Immigration Legislation Could Effect Millions of US Workers - in this post Duke over at Migra Matters gives us more information on the SAVE Act and why we need to worry that it could be passed.

Continuing on the SAVE Act People Migrate gives us Open Letter to Senators Fienstien and Boxer and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez.

Immigrant and Politics Blog writes Immigration Issue: Not Deat Yet.

Immigration Equality asks us to write in support of the Uniting American Families Act.

In the post Bushian Tactics Win Texas and Ohio Primaries The Unapologetic Mexican writes about the battle between Obama and Clinton which benefits McCain who’s just sitting back and sharpening his knives. Nezua also offers the post Death on the Installment Plan about FEMA lack of concern for the welfare of New Orlean’s (black) residents.

Women Against Ladies over at Professor Zero.

Para Justicia y Libertad! writes about Election 08: The Texas Democratic Primary Showdown.

Campaigns Change Tactics To Appeal To Latinos and Latinos Vote Overwhelming for Clinton over at Nuestra Voice.

Latino Pundit has had enough with Persistent Commenters that add nothing to discussion and seem to be cutting and pasting anti-”insert topic here” messages that have nothing to do with the actual discussion. We also get a link to some information on Giraldo Rivera’s new book “His Panic.”

Dream Act Texas tells us about Latinos exercising their right to vote along with an article on the Emotion of Voting. In this post we are asked to appreciate the current surge of willing voters, but not to fool ourselves. However, it is important we build upon this nation’s desire for change. Our strong and compassionate desire to help one another can radiate to so many looking to make this country what it should be.

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers asked Latinos to vote for Clinton, in Texas, and it seems it worked. Read more in the post titled Latino’s Influence in Primaries More Important Than Ever over at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

The Irish Lobby For Immigration Reform stopped by the White House to garner support. According to the post Ed Gillespie, Bush’s top adviser, stated the Republican party cannot become the anti-immigration party. Thankfully those candidates that would have secured that label are watching the primaries with the rest of us.

Just News references three articles for articles from March 3: Govt starts cutting sentences of crack inmates, Does proposed ICE list profile Muslims? and Latinos Looking Over Shoulder Near D.C..

Some posts give you great information about the subject at hand and others are just works of art to be admired - Janna at Mariposa En La Pared gives us both. Read about Victor in the post El Patrón.

Long Island Wins informs us that Bill Lindsay is trying to revive IR1105 which was though to have been dead. This is a Long Island bill similar to the many other bills seeking to target undocumented migrants that the businesses to hire them. Click here to contact Lindsay. Read Report on hearings today in Suffolk legislature to learn more on immigrant groups protesting this bill.

Read So what’s up with Swift Transportation a week later? over at Mexico Trucker. We get some more NAFTA talk in the post Candidates pander to the electorate over NAFTA and gain a different perspective while learning that both Obama and Clinton said two different things about NAFTA - in Texas they applauded it and in Ohio they said they’d renegotiate it.

Smart Borders writes on New York Times Editorial and the No Border Wall Walk. This post begins with a German reporter comparing the border wall to the Berlin wall. If you remember they were selling pieces of the Berlin wall after it came down. We can donate those pieces to the government if they’re in need of building material.

Working Immigrants gives us the post Immigrant votes in 2008 where they analyze the impact of the immigrant vote in California, Texas and Ohio.

Yave writes an important point on the U.S. supplying arms to the Palestinian Authority and the imperialism practiced by this country.

Culture Kitchen tells us about the amazing woman Diane Benson who is running for congress in Alaska. The post is titled NYC Fundraiser for Diane Benson for Congress. If you can make it to the fundraiser, please do. It’s important we support those people that will help change this country for the better.

Dos Centavos writes Primary 08…The Big Winners… .

Latina List shows that Obama looks good on a t-shirt in The Texas Primary: Part I while giving us some information of the Texas primary process.

Man Eegee writes an important post titled Moratorium and March Called by Tejas Border Activists over at Latino Político. This post speaks of the No Border Wall protest going on along la frontera.

Latino Politics Blog asks about Clinton Has she really been fighting for “us”?.

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mimi said:

I know I've mentioned this before, but I just love this pro-migrant round-up.

First, it provides a truly user-friendly approach to accessing the latest immigrant news online. But there's a second, added bonus -- the visual impact of seeing the pro-migrant writers and thinkers listed here reminds me that as an American movement we're growing, and we're strong, and we're NOT going quietly.

One more blog that you could add:

symsess said:

Hello mimi,

Thanks for the kind words. I hope I'm doing a fair in representing all the wonderful pro-migrant blogs out there.

I do have Of America in my list and I believe I linked to their article New York Event: Left Out in the Open — The Netroots & Progressive Politics in yesterday's round-up.

Thanks again for the encouragement and please feel free to offer any advice to make this round-up better. - symsess.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I hear you, Mimi. I almost feel bad for symsess having to monitor so many blogs doing this, but it's true. Looking at this your realize how much things have improved online over the years. How we're getting more organized and better able to dispel the hate. Not only that but these tangibly serve to connect the pro-migrant blogosphere everyday and better forge our ties as a community.

Great site - it is heartening to see all this pro-migrant rhetoric out there.

For pro-migrant rhetoric in action, check out the No Border Wall Walk beginning this Saturday in Roma, Texas, and ending Sunday the 16th in Brownsville, Texas. This walk will follow 120 miles of the proposed Texas border wall in an effort to campaign for a moratorium on the wall and to express solidarity for la frontera and the immigrant among us.
For more information, check out:

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