Fake Officials Prey on Migrant Fear

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When anti-migrant organizations talk about "Attrition Through Enforcement", keep in mind that this is what they mean.  For everyone that advocates enforcing unreasonable and broken laws, for everyone that says, "what part of illegal don't you understand?" realize that this is the sort of country you are creating.

I've written about this trend before but it has gotten worse. Immigrant communities in the Boston area are in a heightened state of fear as people impersonating law enforcement officials barge into their homes and extort money from them.  The Boston Herald documents several reports of this oppression.  The latest suspects are pictured in this post:
In the latest hit on Sunday, Chelsea police said two suspects barged into a house on Broadway armed with a gun, phony police badges and a fake warrant and stole cash.

In February, crooks stopped two victims in an East Boston street then flashed a police badge before seizing their wallets.

And in January and December, three homes in Eastie were targeted by two men posing as cops who conned their way in and made off with money and an ATM card.

The same ploy has been used in Everett and Revere.
Mike Underwood; Jessica Fargen - Boston Herald

The Boston Globe describes the palpable fear in the communities:

The string of burglaries has sent fear coursing through immigrant neighborhoods in East Boston, Chelsea, and Everett, where residents said the crimes have shattered their sense of safety.


"Everybody is scared," said Jorge Camey, a 42-year-old Honduran immigrant who lives near the latest victim. "This neighborhood is supposed to be safe. But right now they're all scared, and they just don't want to open their doors."
Michael Levenson; Brian R. Ballou - Boston Globe

Fact: criminalizing millions of migrants means that millions of people can't go to the police.  These raids that so many anti-migrant trolls watch with glee are leaving a fearful and vulnerable migrant community behind for people to prey on.  But this is exactly the type of climate that anti-migrant groups want.  That's what "attrition through enforcement" means, making it so horrible for migrants in the U.S. that they leave on their own.

I want the police to catch these dastardly scoundrels but migrant hate is to blame.

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