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For all the pro-migrants out there please consider entering the essay referenced at Dream Act Texas.  I believe a win by a pro-migrant supporter is essential in this struggle to help those in need.  We all believe this country is strengthened by immigration so enter to win and score a victory for true freedom, liberty and compassion.

ESSAY CONTEST: “Does immigration strengthen or threaten the United States?” and a post about the frustrations of being a DREAMer in Leaving the Hungry Kids in the Donut Shop at Dream Act Texas.

Special Latina Lista Post: Why Does the Nation Remain Silent While One AZ Sheriff Conducts Immigrant Manhunts? at Latina Lista

Some thoughts about the ‘DREAM Act’ movement from I am a DREAMer.

Immigrant's List is still in need of support to reach their goal of 2,500 letters sent. Please make sure you stop by and send one out to help stop the SAVE Act.

Also please support the pro-migrant videos over at Movement Vision Lab and vote for your favorite.

Mustang Ridge may open a new family detention center over at T. Don Hutto blog.

Hate Crime Film: A Dream in Doubt, Is This the Way to Treat a U.S. Vet?, Another Immigration RICO Claim Bites the Dust! and Clinton on Immigration: Why Does This Get So Little Play? at Immigration Prof Blog.

Jesus as Just a Gardener at Smart Borders.

Supposing families of immigrants to be “illegal” and thus beyond our call of care, how many of us fail to minister to them as if they were the Holy Family sojourning in Egypt? Supposing gardeners to be merely undocumented workers, how vocally do we advocate for legislation which will allow them full rights and responsibilities of citizenship?

Yave writes Henley's foresight pays off on Jim Henley's opposition to the Iraq War.

The McCain Girls and Obama Comes to Oregon at The Unapologetic Mexican. Also read The Speech — Dual Consciousness on the Presidential Stage.

At its core, Tuesday's speech amounted to a groundbreaking big-stage exposition of dual consciousness that I regard as the most sophisticated and important piece of mainstream political oratory and speech-writing of my adult life.

Spanish language TV reality show features Latino boxers, promotes respect for gays and lesbians at Blabbeando.

Barack Obama Latest Hits at Professor Zero.

Daily Headlines: March 24, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

Of América with Israel “Cachao” Lopez-1918-2008: Muy Presente.

Families Torn By Citizenship For Fallen at Nuestro Voice tells us of fallen soldiers posthumously awarded citizenship after bravely serving in the U.S. military.

The first review for DIRTY GIRLS ON TOP is in... over at Multiplicative Identity. Read the review of Alisa's book and some comments on the reviewer's desire to make sure those reading know it's by a Latina.

Interestingly - or upsettingly - if you look at all the books reviewed this week, only mine and the comic book by Jaime Hernandez have ethnic modifiers sprinkled liberally throughout the review, as well as cliches that are generally reserved for Latinos.


My hometown . . . from People Migrate.

Stalwart Service for U.S. in Iraq Is Not Enough to Gain Green Card and Border Patrol sniffs radioactive cat at Just News. "The unsettling thing about living in a surveillance society isn't just that you're being watched. It's that you have no idea."

Another nativist candidate steps to the plate in Little-known Senate candidate vows to fight illegal immigration and House Bill 304 Defeated in Kentucky. Also, if you didn't see this video on The Daily Show it's worth watching to hear Dick Cheney say "so" when confronted with the U.S. public's opposition to the Iraq War.

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