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Please visit the newly launched site A Dream Deferred.

Why is the SAVE Act not making news? This subject is covered by Dream Act Texas.An open letter to the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times

It is reprehensible that you, as the most important newspaper media outlets in the country have not been informing the American people about the S.A.V.E. ACT (HB 4088) - that is currently being discussed in Congress.

Read about the anti-migrant legislation being introduced in California in California on an Anti-Immigrant Bill Roll at The Latin Americanist.

Watch and read about Border Stories at Smart Borders.

Clara and Sophia from the new group Border Stories are doing important work for la frontera. They are humanizing this entire border region one video clip, one interview, one face at a time. Their work could not have come at a better time.

Damn Mexicans give us the Scumbag of the Week - "Buffalo" Rick Galeener.

Taylor ISD May House Hutto Detainees at T Don Hutto blog.

Got word of this story from Jose Orta who is encouraging everyone to contact Dr. Bruce Scott, Superintendent of Taylor ISD, with a polite email to let him know that entering into a Memorandum of Understanding to house Hutto detainees for free is a bad idea.

Read Minuteman volunteers having annual 'spring watch' and In Texas, slur carries baggage of history at Just News.

National Geographic gives a fair and balanced view of 'Border Wars' at Pro Inmigrant. Also read THREE INDICTED FOR FILING FALSE TAX RETURNS where we learn of U.S. citizens stealing identities.

Read more on this in More on the Secret S.A.V.E. ACT.

Eagle Forum Fudges Immigration Facts at Southern Povery Law Center's Hatewatch blog.

The Eagle Forum of Alabama is holding a series of “grassroots workshops” around the state entitled “What YOU can do about Illegal Immigration.” Clearly aimed at riling up nativist fury, the fliers for the event allege that “the average illegal immigrant household receives approximately $30,000 in government benefits each year but pays only $9,000 in taxes.”

Viernes Social : El Microfono de Mexican Institute of Sound at Vivir Latino.

A new video from The Unapologetic Mexican in Obama in Eugene Pt. 1 [MTV vlog 3-28-08].

US Court Overturns Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Death Sentence at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Beyond the Campaign Trail, Addressing a Racial Divide at Nuestra Voice.

FORMER Congressman Soliciting Donations at Latino Politico. Another anti-migrant politician who lost re-election. Goes to show what the people think about hard-lined anti-migrant sentiment.

Read Guest Voz: British Researcher Finds US Deportations to Blame for Rise in Violent Gang Crime in Central America at Latina Lista. The U.S. policy of criminal deportation is not necessarily in the best interest of the U.S. or the country who will receive back these criminals.

RCN is messing with internet access and our right to net neutrality at Culture Kitchen.

Film: "Las Dos Caras de Jano" to premiere at 24th Annual Chicago Film Festival at Blabbeando.

Convoy Shootout Update at Border Reporter.

In reference to the questions posted, there was a shooting in Imuris, south of Nogales, Sonora, Wednesday morning. The state government, typically, said it involved Sinaloan drug traffickers, even though the two dead gunmen were identified as Sonoran residents.

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janna said:

Thank you, symsess, for your tireless work bringing us the best of the pro-migrant blogosphere. I had to second your recommendation of the videos from Smart Borders, they're just too good.

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