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On this Good Friday let us think of a person who gave his life for the good of others.  So many in this sanctuarysphere (and some yet to be discovered) exhibit that same spirit by working every day to help migrants and you should all be thanked for that.  Though religions may vary here they all preach common decency and courtesy.  We cannot let our spirits wane because of those that feel hatred and incivility are an acceptable way of life. We will continue to support one another until we have achieved our goals - freedom and justice for ALL.

Yesterday's post included Fash's plan to branch out internationally and find pro-migrant blogs in other country. Please visit Open Borders Lobby to see the many blogs she's found and help her find more.

Please take a moment to watch some wonderful pro-migrant videos at Movement Vision Lab and vote for the one you like best.

I'm going to save the laughs for the next section because you're going to need them after reading this. In An Agent, a Green Card, and a Demand for Sex we read about an immigration official who used his authority to demand sexual favors from a hoping applicant. Fortunately she recorded the incident and gave the tape to the New York Times. At Mexico Trucker.

We know that everybody poops (even nativists), but not everyone poops in a Homeland Security building (although a bet there's a lot of poop in the air) Bush is calling this new wave of terror the "Bowel Movement" and will probably try to link it to Iran in Pooping Bandit Strikes Homeland Security Building! 

Read yave's take on this terrible story here in USCIS in urgent need of reform – Sexual coercion charges brought against USCIS officer

URGENT Legislative Action Alert! Legislative Alert from Border Action Network at Latino Politico.

For some more laughs visit The Unapologetic Mexican and read bumper stickers from the mind of Nezua (who has put up a more unapologetic picture).

Read a great view of this immigration issue in this link to Forbes at People Migrate in This attorney can use some words! along with the must see video for about migrant's rights Know your rights as an immigrant.

TX Border Schools Won't "Share" Land with Department of Homeland Security at Latina Lista.

Residents have been taking to the streets on a weekly basis to protest the federal government's insistence that a physical barrier is what is needed to keep the country safe.

Read America's note to Iraq for the war's anniversary at Culture Kitchen in Dear Iraq: I'm Just Not That Into You. -America.

You know, when I brought you democracy five years ago, I was really into you. In fact, I had had my eye on you for a long time. I was just waiting for some excuse to pursue you. So when that whole 9/11 thing happened, it seemed like the perfect ice-breaker. And I made a move.

Read about the Iraq War - Five years in at La Blog in Five Years And Counting. Also watch the video John Stewart thanks Obama for treating him as an adult.

Please visit the new pro-migrant website created by MALDEF to dispute the eroneous claims of the anti-migrant crowd. New Pro-Immigrant Website Launched at I am a DREAMer. Prerna praises the start, but suggests that we should work to more effectively debunk the anti-migrant myths.

Some people want to help others and some want to find ways to imprison them. Hey, there's good money to be made!  - read Mega-Prison for immigrants....  and in Why did Jose have to die for America in order to truly belong? we learn of another senseless Iraqi War death. I truly don't understand how this war's been allowed to go on. Why must migrants prove they're worthy of citizenship with their lives?

Immigrants as Neighbors in Need at Immigrants in USA blog.

Attacked from the right at Immigration Equality.

Please visit Immigration Prof Blog and support the effort to hold ICE accounable for death in their care in Petition on Medical Neglect in NJ Case. Also British Author Sent Home! and Frank Sharry New E.D. at America's Voice.

Urban Female Youth Culture in Chile : Pelolais vs. Pokemones : It is About the Politics Bobos at Vivir Latino.

Today’s Video: Juan Luis Guerra @ "Peace Without Borders" at The Latin Americanist.

At Of América read U.S. Media Wrong Again: OAS Condemns Colombia’s Military Incursion Into Ecuador.

Read A Message from Fred Cook... at Dos Centavos.

Finally, it is time to move on to November. We have an historic opportunity to restore Democratic values to Harris County government, where everyone’s interests are considered and valued.

New Bedford raid follow up: Boston millionaire puts up bail for 40 at Working Immigrants.

Visit American Humanity to read about Joey Vento's win to display his "order in English" sign. Sure, it's a victory for free speech, but what does it say about common decency?

State Dept. Confirms Obama's Passport Security Breached at Wild Chihuahuas.

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Prerna said:

Good round-up,
Fash = she :), unless I missed something.... lol

Well, I am glad someone picked up on the connection between profit-making and detaining immigrants - See

symsess said:

Thanks for the link.

I've corrected the gender issue above. Sorry.

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