Support!: Pro-migrant Round-up

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As we get into the weekend let’s not forget the most important thing we can do - support one another. Our support for one another will radiate out and bring others in. Just in the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some new pro-migrant blogs as has Kyle. I’m sure many of you have as well. Also, let’s not forget that the anti-migrant activists will come out of hibernation soon and start throwing rallies in a town near you. Let’s get the message out there. Hate is not ok. Don’t let the fear mongers drive this debate. - symsess

T. Don Hutto reports on International Women’s Day March on Hutto. If you’re in Texas and can make it to this march at 3:30pm please go out and support.

Watch Nezua report on schools in Oregon and watch him change clothes on his think MTV vlog. Also, read his letter to Barack on his blog The Unapologetic Mexican.

I am a DREAMer proposes a very positive use of spam via the DREAM Act Smart Spam Project. Please stop by and read more about it.

Damn Mexicans tells us where to go see ” Under the Same Moon ” Early and for Free! Go watch it and write a review.  The ICE game had many people checking out our blogs and I'm sure this movie will as well.

Vivir Latino give us Images from Yesterday’s NYC March Against Colombian Paramilitary Violence supporting those against the paramilitary violence in Colombia is one way we, here in the U.S. can help those in other countries. This is how compassion works. We’re all in this together.

At Nuestro Voice read Latinos Seek Citizenship in Time for Voting. Many Latinos are demanding that their stalled naturalization petitions be completed by the elction.

Juanes is an excellent musician so it’s great to see him using his influence for good. Read about Juanes organizing a peace concert on Colombia-Venezuela border over at Multiplicative Identity.

Puerto Rico Democrats to Hold Primary Instead of Caucus over at Latino Pundit.

La Bloga hosts Corina Corrasco who writes about a Chicano writing course she took taught by Arturo Islas in 1975.

Over at Latina Lista we have Guest Voz: A Priest’s Appeal to the Federal Government to Stop Offending God with a Border Fence. The very idea of this fence is repulsive and it looks even worse.

Culture Kitchen has many good posts so just stop by and see what’s cooking. They speak on the Clinton, Obama and link to Nezua’s MTV blog. Support!

Dreamer Gaby Pacheco and her Family Continue to be Harassed - Read more at Dream Act Texas.

It’s time to expect our politicians to transform (and no, this isn’t about Barack Obama) over at DMI Blog.

Working Immigrants writes on CT’s strategy to cut down on illegal workers.

Border Fence Construction–Hold Your Horses Chertoff over at Immigration Prof Blog along with the post $37 Million Human Rights Award.

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