Another Pro-Migrant Electoral Victory

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In a special election in Illinois, another Republican running on an anti-migrant platform has been defeated.  Democrat Bill Foster comfortably defeated Republican Jim Oberweis. This is a huge upset for Republicans, since the seat was held for a long time by former GOP speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert.  It also supports long growing body of evidence that shows anti-migrant rhetoric does not win elections.  Matt Ortega describes Oberweis' anti-migrant roots:

This was as big a victory for the immigrant community as it was for Democrats. Oberweis was very well known for his anti-immigrant stances, including “eliminating” birthright citizenship, speaking at several Minute Man meetings, and an infamous advertisement.

Rosanna Pulido, State Director of the Illinois Minuteman Project, wrote of Oberweis in 2007:

Let’s give the successful, admirable Oberweis a chance to bring success to Illinois. Oberweis has always supported the Minutemen and has shown up to our meetings when invited.

He has always shown his full support for grassroots activist who have fought illegal immigration in Illinois. Now it is time for Minutemen types to support him.

This election cycle, we are seeing that anti-immigrant rhetoric continues to lose at the ballot box, even in historically Republican areas like the Illinois 14th Congressional District. John McCain’s association with someone like Jim Oberweis will not pay off in November.

- Matt Ortega

I only wish the Democrat supporters of the SAVE Act would get this message.

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Suszanne Leaders said:

Oklahoma 1804!!

We will continue to fight this invasion!!

Are you delusional to think that because one man lost you are safe?

LOL!!Wait till you see our next move!!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Wow I feel like an anti-migrant super villian stopped by at Citizen Orange. All that this comment above needed was a MUAHAHAHA at the end of it and I would have been spooked.

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