Acting On Vision: Pro-migrant Round-up

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Thanks to Nezua for inspiring today's title. Today's first link is on the report that the GOP is trying to push through strict immigration bills that go so far as to remove funding for local police in "sanctuary" cities. Given the meaning of that word I'd imagine a sanctuary city wouldn't need police so I guess it should work out fine.  Unfortunately there's not much else in this bills to joke about.

Senate GOP pushes strict bills on immigration enforcement. Read all about it over at Mexico Trucker. A thanks to Dream Act Texas for referencing this article in their post. 

A Border Patrol agent finds the joys of ebaying with government property up for sale in The Case of the Stolen Night Vision Goggles over at Border Reporter. Was it those meddling kids that caught him?

The Unapologetic Mexican give us something to think about regarding cognitive versus the material. In The Cognitive and The Material Nezua writes that we must embrace the cognitive in our effort to bring the dialogue to our side. Facts and figures are just that, but emotion, empathy, and the idea of justice are the things we must promote.

Smart Borders asks "what is an American?" in Native American Take a Stand on the Border Walk.  If we haven't done enough to change the landscape of America we're now putting fences along the border.  Just the thought of it seems so ridiculous.

Man Eegee at give us Corbett Trial: Closing Arguments over at Latino Político.

Creating factions within a common group makes little sense. Nezua wrote about this the other day. Coyote Chronicles writes a similar criticism in the post A Cardholder for Decades.

Who's the "Scumbag of the Week"? Find out over at Damn Mexicans blog. (Hint: He's hates migrants, but he's not Glenn Dobbs.)

Drum Major Institute Blog writes on Subprime Realities and Net Neutrality. The issue of net neutrality affects us all and we should definitely be paying attention to it while we press on against anti-migrant hate.

Eristic Ragemail has an important post titled So Much for Family Values: Cheney Crony CCA Gets Contract to Mistreat Asylum Seekers on detention centers and the cruelty of a system that puts people in jail waiting to find out if they'll be allowed to stay in the U.S. For Corrections Corporation of American this is a golden ticket. They get paid for everyone "guest" and are laughing all the way to the bank. This center and the system that allows it to exist must be shut down. I hope working together we can end this insane process of devaluing human life.

Para Justicia y Libertad writes a very troubling post titled Losing Our Humanity: YouTubing A Woman’s Rape. This is an abhorred example of the core evils of our society. 

At I am a DREAMer we get a few song lyrics, including "Waiting Room" by Fugazi, for those DREAMing, and a painting by George Tooker titled "Government Bureau" which depicts waiting. I like Fugazi as a call to action band, not only for their driving music, but also their tact in the way they treated their fans.

Immigration Talk With A Mexican American gives us My Night At the Caucus. Visit the site and share the experience.

Immigration Prof Blog has the following: Immigrant of the Day: Alfred Molina (United Kingdom) and Biometric Changes for Re-Entry Permits and Refugee Travel Documents.

Just News links to a filmaker focusing on the Swift Co. raids in Raids Focus of Documentary. Plus the post Democratic candidates differ on drug sentencing.

Long Island Wins blog has The Border Fence Disaster, Next Step in Fight Against Suffolk Bill. Read more on this anti-migrant legislation and make sure to give them your support.

Will McCain Throw God's Children Under the Bus? Now that he's got the nomination will his rhetoric and actions on immigration change? Read more at Migra Matters.

Blabbeando writes Venezuala: Top Court says no to same-sex marriages.

It's bad enough that mudslinging seems to go hand in hand with politics, but to have the Republican candidate waiting for his opponent while the Democrats continue fighting for their title will probably damage some level of support. At some point you have to ask yourself what's more important changing the country (for the people) or getting your name on the door to the Oval Office? Read about Clinton's terrible tactics at Culture Kitchen in The Top of the Ticket: That's What the Attacks are All About. As a side note I saw Clinton use the 3am ad in her speach Tuesday and I've got to say that was the most ridiculous ad I've ever seen.

Dos Centavos has some Houston related articles including City Council Visits Kingwood and Primary 08...The Heartbreakers

Find out about Teatro Luna's Shining Light over at La Bloga.

Latina Lista writes Texas Primary Par I: The Latino Vote Mattered.

Nuestra Voice writes Latinos Turned Excitement Into Strong Showing At Polls.
Of America gives us information on Latino voters in Texas in Big Latino Story in Texas: 1 of Every 5 Voters was Latino.

Professor Zero writes a Post-election Post.

The Latin Americanist continues their video theme with The Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front .

Vivir Latino writes on New Tigres del Norte Album Out : Raices.

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