A Tribute to the Creator of Mambo

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Over the weekend, I was emailed by Roberto Lovato about the death of a musical genius, Israel "Cachao" Lopez.  I hope he doesn't mind if I respectfully quote his email, because I think it describes perfectly why a tribute to "Cachao" is so important:

After reading the mediocrity and ignorance of the press obituaries about Cachao, I found myself frustrated at how the big media devalues the life the dead with the same ferocity with which it devalues the living, as in the case of undocumented among us.

So, I decided to write and share my own tribute (below) in the knowledge that, if we do not celebrate our own, if we do not make their light brighter in this still troubled country, nobody will. Cachao's accomplishments were of the first order, deserving of much more than the "mambo guy" sidebars slapped sloppily onto the pages of most media.

The video above is from Dabolguiman's own tribute to Cachao

I am by no means a musical expert.  I make no secret of my love for punk rock which doesn't take much musical genius.  But listening to Cachao's music just sends warm memories through my veins.  I've heard Cachao through so many of the popular latino artists that I listen to today.

The following is the beginning of Lovato's tribute to Cachao, but I certainly recommend that you read the whole thing:

Were this a more just planet-one in which musical tastes were less segregated-this world would better weigh the passing of its brilliant son, Israel “Cachao” Lopez, the father of the “mambo”, descarga y mucho mucho mas.

This world would inhale for a moment of silence before taking another moment to syncopate the silence with the sounds of Cachao’s profound musical legacy, a legacy with more children than he could ever count-and still growing; Were this world less color-conscious and more musically enlightened, the spell-check on this or any other software program would recognize the word “Cachao” in the same way that it recognizes words like “Beethoven” or “Miles”. With his intensity, creativity, he and his beloved wooden bajo (bass) have done their part to inspire the kinds of revolutions that alter musical destinies and software programs. His time, our time approaches. (Read more...)

- Roberto Lovato

Lovato has also written another excellent tribute to Oscar Romero, today, the father of Liberation Theology.

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I thought that was a great tribute. I just got on to find something on the mambo and stumbled upon this blog. Thanks for sharing the great read. It gave my creativity a boost.

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