500 to 1 - Change The Tide: Pro-migrant Round-up

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I'd like to open up today's round-up with a question. If, as you'll read in Eristic Ragemail's post, politicians are being kicked out of office or not elected at all when they take an anti-migrant stance then why are the anti-migrant voices so loud? Are Americans against our current wave of migrants, but more afraid of anti-migrant extremism?  Or do they support the American dream, but just don't take time to show their views outside the ballot box?

If you go to any story about undocumented migrants the comments section makes you feel as though you need a shower. Do FAIR, Numbers USA and/or ALIPC ask their members to attack these comments sections?  I've covered a few anti-migrant rallies in person, and from afar, only to witness a dismal turnout. Though to hear these anti-migrant groups speak you'd think they were speaking from atop the White House itself to a million people. Where are the voters that refuse to buy into the anti-migrant rhetoric?

500 to 0ne - is the ratio of nativist callers to pro-migrant callers to the offices of congressional representatives in recent immigration law fights in the house and senate. Read more at People Migrate. This posts calls for others to join in a discussion about positive immigration reform.

This was good to see over at Long Island Wins - AntiImmigrant pols warned to back off and Suffolk bill dead.

"Irish Need Not Appy" was the reception many Irish received when fleeing Ireland during the great potato famine. Is that so different from what's happening now?  Read ¡Que Vivan Los San Patricios! The Unapologetic Mexican

And what (and how) did the Irish do when they finally reached this land of opportunity? For they were hardly celebrated and welcome. They were hardly (yet) part of the US that now looks down on the new THEM. // How quickly we forget what it means to be hungry, and how forgivable (and understandable and human and brave) it is to do something as small as cross a sea or a desert to feed yourself, and to live. How easily we overlook the very same patterns taking place in almost the very same order.

In McCain: Republicans Need to Abandon Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Eristic Ragemail illustrates the point that politicians need not fear taking a pro-migrant stance. I feel like a broken record, but we're seeing that anti-migrant politicians are getting kicked out of, or not elected to, office.

A Strange Saint Patrick’s Day at Smart Borders.

I thought less today about the military Molly Maguire’s and their violent fight for worker’s rights and instead meditated on Cesar Chavez’s fasts for his people and Martin Luther King’s words of empowerment and hope. Today was less about nationalism and more about opposing nativism, less about drinking beer and more about living in such a way as to forward the cause of the immigrant, wherever he or she may originate.

For Eddie on St Patrick's Day over at Migra Matters - "We all thought change would surely come….yet it hasn't." 

At a parade in New York, or Boston, or in the halls of Congress in Washington, some political leader will pose with members of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform , or some other advocacy group, and make promises they have no intention of keeping.

Video of the March Against the Wall at Nonviolent Migration.

Notable Undocumented Immigrants at Damn Mexicans blog.

Jail time is a deterrent on U.S. border, Goal set for reducing citizenship application backlog, Drug trade tyranny on the border, and Team Will Track Pr. William's Illegal Immigration Crackdown.

In Los San Patricios Professor Zero points to Nezua's St. Patricks's Day blog and asks us to visit a post on saving women's studies.

Settlement Guarantees Right to Counsel for Immigrants Caught Up in Raids, Immigration: A Campaign Primer, and Immigrant of the Day: Morena Baccarin (Brazil) at Immigration Prof Blog.

Love Vs. Immigration Laws and Families Separated and Immigrants Harmed by United States over at Dream Act Texas. Also read Georgia Teen, a Plaintiff in SPLC Suit, Tells House Subcommittee About Terrifying Immigration Raid -

She was caught in the middle of a botched immigration raid in southeast Georgia. Federal agents barged into homes without showing warrants and targeted U.S. citizens of Mexican descent, like Mancha, solely because of their skin color.

Judge: Treatment of ICE Detainee "Beyond Cruel and Unusual" at The National Immigrant Justice Center.

For anyone having the police show up to your house is a scary experience. Please let everyone know about the Rapid Response ICE Raid Network Hotline for NY/NJ Launched. As yave posted yesterday this was created by the May 1 Coalition to assist with this frightening experience.

At Vivir Latino watch Today’s Video: The “chancellors of peace” watch a portion of the beautful concert "Paz Sin Fronteras" orchestrated by the very talented Juanes.

The Clinton Campaign and Puerto Rican Status at Nuestra Voice.

The recession has arrived in Arizona at Multiplicative Identity. --

...But there is nothing for people with no shoes and no gas. Health care for all children, they told us, was "too expensive." There is nothing for educated bloggers who can't afford their rent. Nothing for homeless women without shoes. Nothing for children. Nothing for the people. And gas is close to $5 a gallon in California.

Take Back America Conference, Day 1, Feliz Día de San Patricio, and 'Ask A Chola' Meets Her Blogger Compadres over at Latino Politico.

The Iraq war is like when you were a kid and you pinned someone on the ground flicking at their nose or something silly - but even when you realized what you were doing was mean and a bit stupid you didn't want to get up because you figured you were going to get hit. I guess if you're the U.S. government you'd rather just kill the person so they can't retaliate against your abuse under restraint. It's time to get out of this war already. We should have never gone in the first place and there is absolutely no excuse to still be there. My sincerest apologies to all the Iraqi people terrorized by our government. Congressional Candidates Call on America to Support New Plan to Responsibly End Iraqi War at Latina Lista.

Cascarones time is blanquillos time over at La Bloga.

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1, Issue 7: Rev Wright & Obama at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American.

Tomen Accion--Take Action for Rick Noriega at Dos Centavos.

If this is not a full blown economic depression then it's insanity, Introducing Diane Benson: One Tough Woman Running for Congress in Alaska and Yes...The Republicans DID Lie to Americans to Justify the Iraq Quagmire at Culture Kitchen.

Pro Inmigrant give us These articles are for those with their eyes, ears and mind closed to the truth. --

During the last twenty-four hours I have probably experienced the greatest humiliation to which I have ever been subjected. During these last twenty-four hours I have been handcuffed and chained, denied the chance to sleep, been without food and drink and been confined to a place without anyone knowing my whereabouts, imprisoned.

Promiles Releases Online Routing for Hispanic drivers at Mexico Trucker.

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