Stop The Shuler-Tancredo Bill: Pro-migrant Round-up

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Act NOW to Stop the SAVE Act and Protect Workers at the National Immigrant Justice Center.

Migra Matters has a great post on the SAVE Act House Republicans Move Forward on Shuler-Tancredo Bill.

H.R. 4408 Must Be Stopped~ Call to Action at Generation 1.5.

Dream Act Texas: Urgent: Please help stop HR.4088 "The Republicans have pushed this bill to vote even though it has not been evaluated in committee. It is urgent that everyone contact their representative." Also read about the University of Houston and their deplorable treatment of students in need of financial aid.

Read about the SAVE Act and the fact that Congress can't SAVE the nation or themselves with latest immigration reform at Latina Lista.

Make sure and contact your representatives to stop the SAVE Act.  It takes two minutes to write your representative, but the effects last a lifetime. - visit Damn Mexicans blog to watch the videos there and if you're a filmographer or just have a video camera make a video and change the world. (video contest site is Movement Vision Lab.)

No Border Wall Walk- Day 5 or The Day of Pilgrimage over at Smart Borders.

The beginning of today’s march was a pilgrimage. It was a pilgrimage from the beautiful river to the hot pavement of industrial parks south of McAllen, a pilgrimage through the small land-grant town of Granjeno past welcoming gas stations, a journey from our lowest numbers to our biggest turnout for the walk thus far.

Judge calls immigration officials' decision 'beyond cruel' at Just News. Just another story of cruelty against detained migrants.

Building a moat? Back to the Future: Arizona city seeks moat to secure Mexico border at Immigration Prof Blog.

DMI Blog gives us the Congressional Middle-Class Scorecards and Tim Walz stating the same thing we find in the Movement Vision Lab video - that people are being told to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but many don't have the boots to begin with. (Congressmembers Receive “A” Report Cards / DMI Sends Members of Congress Home with Their 2007 Grades!)

Culture Kitchen On Olbermann, Geraldine Ferraro, David Duke territory and the votes of Millennials.

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American asks about the report from The Southern Poverty Law Center - Hate Crimes or Squelching Free Speech?

Vivir Latino writes Jessica Alba isn't the Only Questionable Latina in this Month's Latina and asks us to read the article or at least pick up the latest issue for two articles Maegan la Mala contributed to the issue.

The Unapologetic Mexican has recruited some guest bloggers we'll soon get to sample after this weekend. Read more in Unapologetic Banditos. Also check out his link detailing The Lester Street Murders and the lack of coverage for crimes against minorities.

Today’s Video: Julia Alvarez over at The Latin Americanist.

Para Justicia y Libertad! asks Could the Republican Party Win Back the Latino Vote?

In Hate Groups Funding Ads Pitting Latinos Against Blacks Of América speaks on ads aiming to vilify Latino migrants. We find that these ads come from another Roy Beck (Numbers USA) group. It's strange just how many groups these larger groups (FAIR, Numbers USA, etc.) create to push out messages. There are so many it's hard to keep track.

Nuestra Voice writes Legal Or Not, Immigrants Get Political On Campus.

Following up on the previous post, a must read from the Daily Kos: A Brown Woman’s Open Letter to Geraldine Ferraro & the Clinton Campaign overa at Latino Politics Blog.

Man Eegee heads to Washington to network with other bloggers and attend the Take Back America Conference. Read more at Latino Político in Opportunities on the Horizon.

Harold Pinter and Palabra Pura at La Bloga in Various Voices: Prose, Poetry, Politics .

Tejano Thursday: Ruben Ramos & The Mexican Revolution at Dos Centavos.

Wild Chihuahuas writes on Honor.

A blog I recently discovered is titled Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living. This blog posts on the movie Intimidad.

The documentary tells the story of Ceci and Camilo over a four year period in their young adult lives. The couple leave their baby daughter with family members in their southern Mexico hometown and head north looking for work. Like Okies in a John Steinbeck novel, they are migrating with the hope of a better life and a slice of the [north]American dream.

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