Strengthening the Pro-Migrant Blogosphere: Pro-Migrant Round-Up

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No disrespect to Man Eegee over at Latino Politico (with a brand spanking new domain name!), but I thought I'd up and start posting some pro-migrant round-ups of my own.  This sort of link fest is a vital part of fostering a pro-migrant community online.  Links are the vehicles through which an online community is created.  Without them we are just disconnected web pages shouting into the darkness.

Pro-Migrant Round-Up

American Humanity has a link to an Associated Press article that reveals the sort of shoddy legal advice that migrants are suffering from in the U.S.

The DMI Blog has a post on a migrant victory in Wyoming.

Damn Mexicans has a post on Angelina Jolie's support for migrant children.

Immigration Talk with a Mexican-American has a first hand account from Dee about a border town, Eagle Pass, TX, that defies stereotypes.

ImmigrationProf Blog discusses a recent decision about drivers' licenses in Michigan that became so anti-migrant they kept "400,000 foreign business people, students, and their families in Michigan on nonimmigrant (temporary) visas" from getting drivers licenses.

Latina Lista has a post about how Obama is trying to repair relationships with Mexico.

T. Don Hutto discusses the possibility of bringing the issue of the notorious migrant family prison to the Democrat caucuses.

That's it for today.  Don't hesitate to use the contact form in the right column if you'd like your post added to the pro-migrant round up.

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yave begnet said:

Kyle, I think the first link above got misdirected.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks yave,

I'll try and correct it.

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