Romney Drops Out: Another Anti-Migrant Politician Falls

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One of the last anti-migrant politicians that had a chance at winning the presidency will suspend his campaign, according to CNN.  I hope I don't need to remind people of Mitt Romney's contradictory deportation-only approach to undocumented migration that he made a centerpiece of his campaign.
Read my full blog post for a more lengthy discussion of Romney's views on migrants, but I'll summarize it below.

Twice undocumented migrants, from the same company, were caught in his backyard by the Boston Globe (first and second time).  If Romney truly was so tough on undocumented migration why would he have hired the same company after he knew it hired undocumented migrants, only to have them get caught again a year later?  Maybe it's because he was only interested in persecuting migrants themselves and not everyone else that was benefiting from them, including himself.

Not only was that contradictory but Romney was in favor of giving Cubans amnesty.  I have the utmost respect for Cuban suffering, but what is fair about awarding Cubans amnesty while every other oppressed migrant has to be deported.

If only Mike Huckabee, and his horrific attrition through enforcement policy, will drop out now, we'll have an entirely pro-migrant (for the most part) field.

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Tony said:

I respectfully dedicate the following song to Mr. Romney:

yave begnet said:

Politicians are finding out the hard way that the hardline restrictionist rhetoric doesn't pay the dividends they were promised. It feels like the tide may be turning.

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