Pro-Migrant Round-Up

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I'm trying to make a daily ritual out of the pro-migrant round-up in hopes of better connecting the pro-migrant blogosphere:

American Humanity reports that the "virtual fence" along the U.S.-Mexico border has been okayed, further increasing the militarization of the border.

Damn Mexicans and Prerna advertise a vigil for a young female migrant, Sarjina Emy, that has been detained.

Dream Act - Texas cites an Associated Press article in which the United Nations chastises the U.S. for the treatment of migrants.

Extranjeros Sin Papeles (in Spanish) has a post discussing how Spanish citizens fled an extreme right wing dictator decades earlier only to scapegoat migrants today for the fleeing similar oppressive conditions.

ITMA has an funny post linking to a hilarious video of Sen. Ted Kennedy singing a ranchera song.

Irish Voices has a link to a press release detailing how an undocumented Irish migrant might have died out of fear of going to the hospital.

The NIJC Blog has a post urging people to oppose the SAVE Act.

Pro-Inmigrant has a post discussing the successive waves of Mexican migrant scapegoating.

The Unapologetic Mexican reveals the anti-latino actions of Microsoft.

XP discusses the race for the latino vote in his home state of Texas.

That's it for today.  Feel free to use the contact form if you'd like me to add you to the pro-migrant round-up.  Also, let me know if this is something you enjoy or not.

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