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The ImmigrationProf Blog has a link to what I think is one of the most reasonable take downs of Lou Dobbs, yet.  It's written by the editorial observer at the New York Times Lawrence Downes.
Rather than engage in Dobbs's bashing, which so many of us in the pro-migrant blogosphere are fond of doing, he tries reason.  He also has this apt metaphor for those who attempt to bash Dobbs in person:

The granite fortress of his certitude is smooth and featureless, and whatever boulders you hurl at it will end up on your head.
Lawrence Downes - New York Times

The best part of the article, though, is that Downes gets at the core dilemma of what's wrong with Dobbs' immigration policy beliefs:

Mr. Dobbs admits that mass deportation would never work, although if you press him on what to do about the 12 million, he has no answer. He wants to hold that question “in abeyance” until the border is sealed.
Lawrence Downes - New York Times

I myself enjoy Dobbs bashing in the blog world.  It's a lot of fun.  Personally though I like to get beyond the demonizing and try to figure out exactly what it is that goes on in people's heads.  Dobbs himself says that he respects migrants, and even espouses admiration for Cesar Chavez.

What I don't understand is how he can have respect for migrants at the same time that he has no solution for the millions that live in fear within the U.S.  If he truly has respect for these migrants, how is it that he can allow them to suffer in the shadows, indefinitely?  If I could ask Lou Dobbs one question, that's probably what it would be.

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