It's a Good Thing Somebody Has Time to Write!

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I am officially too busy to breathe any more.  The effects of this remain to be seen.  However, I'm assuming, given what I've been taught about breathing, they will be dire.  Nevertheless, I was tipped to a blog post this morning that won't let me go to bed until I link to it here.  The post is by Joe DeRaymond at Dissident Voice and is entitled The Reality of Migration: the View From El Salvador.  It's one of the most elegant, concise and convincing discussions of immigration and U.S. public policy I've ever read.  If you have any confidence left whatsoever in the reasoning of a person who has allowed themselves to become too busy to breathe, I strongly urge that you read DeRaymond's post as soon as you can.  It's the kind of thing that makes me want to read it from a soap box, put it on the radio, and print out copies to paste side by side like posters on downtown fences.  I wish everybody in the United States could hear it from loudspeakers over and over until this madness ends.

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