ICED Video Game Online! UPDATE: How to Download

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Breakthrough TV has finally launched the much talked about ICED (I Can End Deportation) Video game. I haven't had the chance to play it yet, but I think this game really has the ability to turn some heads and get people to think a little bit differently about migrant rights. Digg it, Stumble it, Facebook it, do whatever you have to do to get it out there.

UPDATE:  Some people are having trouble downloading the game.  I don't know if this is the problem, but for myself at least I know the flash player at is too big for my browser, and it doesn't allow me to see the red "play" tab at the bottom.  If that happens just right click to get the option "show all" and you should be able to see the "play" tab after which the website will ask if you have a mac or a PC and the game should begin downloading if you allow pop-ups for the website.  Let me know if there are further questions.

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Chimaobi said:

What up, Kyle. This game is quite intense. I played as the Haitian character. Very eye-opening.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for the message, Chip. As someone that used to play a lot of video games, I was a little disappointed with the game to be honest, but it certainly does get the point across.

Brian said:

Regardless of the sob story, they are still breaking standing laws and should not be able to live here unless they go through the right channels. Why is doing things the right way so hard? This is NOT a country of immigrants anymore and hasn't been to any extent since WWII, almost 70 years ago. Drop the touchy-feely crap and just admit that they are breaking the law by just being here and aid(healthcare, welfare programs and special schooling) should not be just given to any yahoo that thinks they can break the law. Now, as far as legal immigration, that is wonderfulit's what makes the country grow and bloom. What does not make the country better is turning a real problem into a human interest story. Just because someone works 3 jobs to take care of their kids and still can't make ends meet should let them know that they are doing something wrong.

Ben Jones said:

I have never played or seen this game but I absolutly hate it.

Jerry McClusky said:

They should make a game about young white people in America, and the bleak future that they face. For instance, your mother gets mugged when going to a church social by young African American men. Illegal immigrants put your father out of work by taking construction jobs and making them low wage/no benefits/no pension employment. Police giving you traffic tickets because they know you do not qualify for a public defender nor do you have enough money for a lawyer, therefore you will pay the hefty fines. Your girlfriend gets gang raped by MS13 members. (or bloods/Crips/mexican mafia/DC blacks etc. etc. Chinese nationals get full scholarships to major universities while you get your draft notice to go to Iraq. In another game option you loose your job at wal-mart when you make some comments against a pre-employment "diversity" seminar that claims that you too are included but yet, through affirmative action you must suffer for the sins of your supposed great-great- grandfathers. That would make a great game and it would illustrate the futile attempts that white people could try to make and "win" or just plain survive. All of the non white gamers (and liberal white kids) would get hours of enjoyment and pleasure. They at the very least would laugh and laugh because they know that the game is based on reality.

nickpaiano said:

how do u download the game!!! i cant get it 2 play

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

To Nickpaiano,

You have to download it onto your computer first. I was confused at first, too. I thought you could play it straight from the web, but you have to download it onto your computer and install it for it to work.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Ben Jones,

Do you mind articulating why you hate it so that we can have a more intelligent discussion about it?

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Jerry McClusky,

Why are you singling out the need to make a game specifically about, "white people". What qualifies as a white person? You can play as a white girl in the ICED game. Why do you see white people being attacked by people of color in this game? Why is it not other white people tearing down other poor white people? Last time I checked white men ruled the U.S. despite Obama's recent popularity.

I believe in race conscious policies, not race blind policies, so I would support a game made about white people. The game I would make, though, would be very different from yours. It would be about all the privileges that white people amass without even realized it, and in the background would be the billions left behind in service of white people. The billions living on less that 2 dollars a day who's only chance at getting ahead is by getting employed making products for white people, who consume more than anyone else on the planet.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Brian,

It's interesting that you say the U.S. stopped becoming "a nation of immigrants" after WWII, yet you applaud legal immigration. Are you aware of the enormous injustices that legal immigrants suffer in the U.S.? Watch this video. These are all legal immigrants.

I too agree that we need to get beyond the personal interests story and start addressing the systemic issues with migration. I think we need to create opportunity in the countries that migrants come from in order to truly take this issue on.

That being said, I don't understand why so much hate is directed at migrants when people do try to bring their plight to light. Fine take the conversation beyond the personal interest story, but why the attacks that dehumanize migrants?

I appreciate you stopping by.

Michael said:

dear brian, legal immigration doesn't really help much. how do you think we get our fruits and vegetables? Some guy gets paid a fair price to pick it? the people doing it get health benefits? no. this country feeds on illegal immigration, and what happens to the poor workers that get treated like crap, for little pay and doing jobs we are all to lazy to do? they get thanked by being deported. As for jerry,why do you list only black, mexican and salvadorian gangmembers? i know way more gang members that i've seen at my park, school, and neighborhhod that are white. and that chinese guy that got the scholarship? i guess he worked for it more than others.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for the response, Michael. You picked out the same things I did relative to the previous commenters.



kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Aaa! I think I know what some people are experiencing. You go to to download the game, but the flash player is too big for some people to see the little play tab in the bottom line of the flash player. If that happens right click with your mouse and hit the show all option and you should be able to see a play tab that will allow you to download the game.

Guillermo Smith said:

Dear all,

If the intention is to make feel everybody as an imigrant, this is really by far of waste of time. The experience of crossing a border knowing that you can loose your life by gangs, or by the desert's heat...knowing that you can find people in the border willing to kill to "protect" their lands, knowing that in a bag you have your entire life and you will never know what is expecting in the "other side" being objeted of mean schemes from "coyotes" that can easily leve you behind in the attempt of crossing the border....and die. All those things has to be experienced in the life in order to raelly believe you are "walking in a immigrant's shoes"


PS Kyledeb, very good comments from you.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Now this is the type of comment that I like to hear Guillermo. To few pro-migrant activists within the U.S. fail to even consider some of the things migrants go through before they even reach the U.S. border. Thanks for your comment and I hope you continue to stop by.

jay said:

come on
this is not the truth

the truth is not being told

the aliens come to the U.S and you don't know what they are bringing with them

i know first hand what happens i wish the rest could see the real problem

these people do not help the rest of us i know we want to help them and be compassionate but this is wrong

they are breaking the law

first of all they are granted due process

they see a judge and they are allowed to speak to a member of their consulate

if they are here illegally they are returned to their country

this process costs the us tax payer billions
we complain about the taxes we pay, the social issues that plague our country but yet we are supposed to allow illegal immigrants the right to be here illegally

get real we don't need to marginalize this real problem

i really would like to help everyone but it is impossible and it will never end and we will lose what it left of our country.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear jay,

Thank you for stopping by. I'd be interested to hear more about yourself and why this issue matters to you.

It's a little hard to interpret you're writing above since I can't tell the difference between sentences. Still if you say migrants don't help the rest of us, I have to disagree. The food we eat, the restaurants we eat that food in, the houses we live under, the gardens we enjoy, all of those things are usually provided very cheaply due to migrant labor. You argue that it costs taxpayer dollars to deal with them, at the same time that you want all of them out of the U.S. Do you know how many taxpayer dollars it would cost to deport over 12 million people? I think it' much more efficient to deal with what are usually hardworking and honorable migrants than to treat them like criminals and seperate them from their U.S. citizen children.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Breakthrough said:

Hey Kyle,

Just want to thank you for supporting our immigration game ICED and all the good work that you do. It is surprising to see how many people are against what this country is supposed to stand for - human rights and due process for ALL people.

Thank you,


kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thank you for stopping by. It's always an honor when the people you've written about leave a comment. Keep up the good work and let us know if there's anything else Citizen Orange can do for you.

Jeanette said:

Thanks for the info on the game as well as responding to the standard anti-immigrant sentiment. I personally believe that people are divided intentionally through many ways (race in lower classes being one) in order to lose sight of the larger enemy-capitalism. It seems that migrant ppl.'s ethnicity has fluctuated throughout this country's existence, but there has always been a scapegoat for the problems of every period. And yes those "sins of your great great grandfathers" are REAL not "supposed". People of color have not had the same opportunities or even footing EVER-since greedy white ppl. began their programs of colonisation and corruption of our cultures.

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