First Migrants, Then Us: Pro-Migrant Round-Up

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I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I'm back this Monday with another pro-migrant round-up:

American Humanity has found some new pro-migrant blogs, Smart Borders and Muro Del Odio,  that I will soon be adding to Citizen Orange's blogroll and to my feedreader.

The 'Just News' Blog has a link to a web feature page from the Texas Observer, including videos, about the border wall.

Man Eegee posts on the indictment of Republican Congressman Rick Renzi and the Border Reporter notes that John McCain, despite not having any "judgment" about the ordeal, has already removed him from his list of supporters on his website.

DREAM Act - Texas discusses how white supremacists are using migrants to further their goals and links to a hilarious cartoon about drivers' licenses.

Eristic Ragemail has a post on how migrants are revitalizing U.S. cities.

Migra Matters is back with cutting-edge political analysis about Clinton and Obama's positions on immigration.

People Migrate gives a short but sweet post about another Bible verse that is relevant in these anti-migrant times.

Pro-Inmigrant brings to light the fact that Mexico aided the U.S. during World War II.

Carmen D., guest blogging at The Unapologetic Mexican, calls Ralph Nader a "candidate" not a spoiler.

XP has a book review up about how race has determined the U.S. presidency.

Damn Mexicans has a post on Oklahoma's new anti-migrant act and how it's affects U.S. citizens.  These revelations always remind me of the NOFX song, Re-gaining Unconsciousness:

First they put away the dealers,
keep our kids safe and off the street.
Then they put away the prostitutes,
keep married men cloistered at home.

Then they shooed away the bums,
then they beat and bashed the queers,
turned away asylum-seekers,
fed us suspicions and fears.
We didn't raise our voice,
we didn't make a fuss.
It's funny there was no one left to notice
when they came for us.

Keep up the good work my pro-migrant blogmigos.  If you'd like me to monitor your blog and include you in these pro-migrant round-ups, let me know

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mimi said:

Thanks Kyle.

These little briefs, and links, are a great stop for this morning -- like a quick, good cup of coffee for the mind.

Joann said:

Thanks kyledeb,

Thanks for the mentions for this links.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

No problem, Joann. I'll try to keep them coming.

George said:

I'm not sure how it necessarily follows that deporting illegal aliens will result in deporting "US". Do you mean "US" as in legal resident aliens or Hispanic citizens? It's a stretch to construe that it will ever become U.S. policy to deport any persons other than illegal aliens or criminal resident aliens. Even with the advent of WWII and the concentration camps for persons of Japanese descent, exiling or deporation citizens did not take place. I suggest that you stay within rational bounds in your commentary, otherwise your rhetoric gives the appearance of demagoguery.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Hey George,

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to learn more about you and why this issue matters to you, as I feel it's easier to have a discussion that way and arrive at truth.

Regarding your comment, U.S. citizens have in fact been deported because it was assumed they were undocumented. What's worse tens of millions of documented workers are at risk of getting detained in an ICE raid, and almost every effort to crackdown on migrants almost inevitably snags some U.S. citizens with it.

George said:

"U.S. citizens have in fact been deported because it was assumed they were undocumented."

It's true that this has occurred, but these are isolated tragic mistakes and not the policy of the U.S. government.

"What's worse tens of millions of documented workers are at risk of getting detained in an ICE raid, and almost every effort to crackdown on migrants almost inevitably snags some U.S. citizens with it."

When ICE discovers a business that has a significant number of persons who are suspected of identity theft, ICE has probable cause to investigate that business as having a policy of hiring illegal aliens. The only way they can effectively prove their case is to raid the facility and apprehend the suspects in situ. The actual presence of these people on the property engaged in work is the best evidence that the business owners are guilty of a crime. ICE would not be carrying out its responsiblities if it did not question others not on their suspect list. After all, they do have probable cause to believe that the suspect company makes it a practice of engaging the employment of illegal aliens. These agents have sworn an oath to do their duty to the best of their ability, which may include actions that you abhore, but are well within the scope of their mission. This includes questioning citizens who work alongside suspects. After all, they may have evidence of the alleged crime. You may not like it and it is your right to criticize ICE, but you may not be fair in doing so.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

All reasonable responses, George,

While I agree it might not be stated policy, policy and reality are different animals. Stated policy and effect are very different. Also if ICE is truly carrying out these policies to the best of their ability, why is it that they make so few of their actions open to public scrutiny? I would hope even someone that disagrees with most of what I say like yourself would agree that ICE should at least make it's actions public, but right now it does not even release the names of migrants that it detains.

It's clear that we're not going to agree on very much, so what is there that we can agree on about solving this problem? Do you agree that we should try and get to the root of this problem and give migrants a reason to stay? Do you believe we should bring migrants into organized labor so that we can keep U.S. wages from falling? You're a smart guy. Let's try and find some common ground here to work from. If you're not going to tell me a little bit about yourself and why you care about this issue. We can't connect on a human level let's find another way.

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