Deported for Skipping School: Pro-Migrant Round-Up

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Lot's of good information in the pro-migrant blogosphere, today.  My entry on the ICED video game has been getting lots of traffic and I only hope that we can convert those eyes into more followers of the pro-migrant blogosphere.  Read on for another one of my weekday pro-migrant round-ups:
American Humanity brings to light the hypocrisy of Hazelton, Pennsylvania, which has been at the forefront of local anti-migrant legislation, for hosting it's first ever Italian festival.

'Just News' finds out that undocumented migrants leaving the country are being detained and deported to the same destination they were leaving to in the first place.  This while anti-migrationists rail against spending public money on migrants.

Through Border Reporter, I found out about a major pro-migrant victory.  A major conservative paper has given up the term 'alien'.

Damn Mexicans has several posts about people that most would be surprised to learn were undocumented migrants: American Idol participants, a renegade Canadian, and political officials.

Dream Act - Texas has a post highlighting the tens of millions of documented workers that are at risk due to ICE raids.

Immigration Equality adds to the concerns about deporting criminal aliens that I highlighted earlier along with the help of yave in the comments section.

Speaking of the problems with deporting "criminal aliens", ImmigrationProf Blog links to a case where two 17 year-old sisters were deported for skipping school. 

ITMA has a guest post from Barack Obama.  I always love when the pro-migrant blogosphere gets the recognition it deserves.

Latina Lista helps to demystify the latino vote.

Man Eegee has a post about why Utah gets it.

One Step Closer has an excellent first person account about the lack of water in the central states of Mexico.

Fash is back at Open Borders Lobby with a post summarizing progress in the New Year.

Pro-Inmigrant has a two scary posts documenting some of the actions of local anti-migrant advocates.

The Unapologetic Mexican discusses the angry white man voting bloc.

XP discusses why he has refused to endorse anyone as the Texas primary approaches.

I hope these pro-migrant round-ups are as helpful for you as they are for me.  Don't be afraid to contact me if you want to be added or if you know of anyone else that should be.

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RickB said:

Hey Kyle, just spreading the word on

March 19 Blogswarm Against the Iraq War

It would be good to get some angles on the people being recruited with promises of citizenship and also how racism against Iraqis is mirrored in the racism towards migrants. Although please feel free to write about anything related to the war. I made some of the badges for the 'swarm (I'm sorry there are no orange ones but it's too positive a colour to be associated with warcrimes -at least it is to me!).

Give some love to the Dreamers at Brave New Films Kyle! :)

George said:

The students were not deported for being truant, but for being present in the country illegally. Apparently they had been repeat truants and foolishly expressed their contempt for the judge's authority by snickering at his rebuke to them. It just proves that you can't piss off a judge without getting something nasty in return.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

As I echoed in my previous response to your comment, George, it would be great to learn more about you and why this issue matters to you, as it is easier to have a discussion that way.

I agree that you shouldn't be disrespectful to a judge, but I can't help but feel that deportation is a pretty harsh punishment. Not only that, but this goes against ICE's policy of keeping people safe by deporting criminal aliens. Do you feel safer after the deportation of two truants?

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Oh I certainly will as soon as that blog launches. Thanks for the comment!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks RickB. Send me an email and it will be easier for me to remember do to this, but I'll try to keep this in mind. Keep up the good work against imperialism my friend, you're the best at it.

TedF said:

Kyle, I believe your post is misleading. No one can be deported for truancy. These girls were deported because they were here illegally. That's not to say you don't have a point--there are legitimate concerns about ICE agents trolling in the courthouses for illegal aliens to take into custody. It's probably not good policy to make people afraid to come to court. But there's no link between the particular crime these girls committed, or their contempt of the court, and their deportation.


kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for your reasonable post TedF, and thanks for stopping by. While I do admit to a bit of exaggeration in my titles to get peoples' attention, there's a difference between practice and law. If everyone that was staying in the country illegally was deported than it would be fair to say these girls were deported for that reason. The truth is though, they skipped school and the consequences of that led them to be deported, so I stand behind the title, but there are times when I'm wrong so keep checking me.

fash said:

To be honest, I'm wondering where the idea that they were reported for being here illegally comes from? The articles doesn't mention their status, unless I'm missing something, and I haven't seen any other articles about this other than the one already posted. I've heard of residents and people on temp visas being deported for extremely trivial things, so I guess it's easy for me to believe that a stay in jail could have gotten these girls deported, whether they had documents or not. But it is most likely that they were undocumented.

Whatever the case, it's a sad situation all around. On one hand, the judge did the right thing--bratty kids think they can ignore the consequences of their actions, and he didn't play their game. But being brats isn't worth this, so it's awful for everyone. That judge must feel pretty guilty, too.

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