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    together strong - scw.jpg BULLETINAccording to David Bacon at Truthout, ""Mexican labor authorities seized on technicalities to order an end to the strike at the country's largest copper mine in Cananea, Sonora, on Friday. The Mexican press reports that over 700 heavily armed agents of the Sonora state police arrived in Cananea just hours before the decision was announced, and agents of the Federal Preventative Police were sent to this tiny mountain town as well. Strikers report that the streets were filled with rocks and teargas, and 20 miners have been injured -- some seriously -- in the ensuing conflict. The union says that five strikers are missing."

Additionally, in a piece dated a few weeks ago, but appearing in the January 7th issue of The Nation, Naomi Klein quoted EZLN Subcomandante Marcos as saying: "Those of us who have made war know how to recognize the paths by which it is prepared and brought near.  The signs of war on the horizon are clear. War, like fear, also has a smell. And now we are starting to breathe its fetid odor in our lands."

Researchers at the Center of Political Analysis and Social and Economic Investigations told Klein: "On the fifty-six permanent military bases that the Mexican state runs on indigenous land in Chiapas, there has been a marked increase in activity. Weapons and equipment are being dramatically upgraded, new battalions are moving in, including special forces--all signs of escalation."

Be aware.


The above poster is a product of the highly respected Syracuse Cultural Workers.

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kyledeb said:

Thanks for the update, changeseeker. News from the South is always good, especially news as troubling as this.

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