Develop Presents: Mayan Territory

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A friend of mine sent me this informative and beautiful documentary the other day providing valuable insight into the places that U.S. migrants come from.

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Manolo said:

What a wonderful and uplifting documentary! Love it love it. Thanks for posting it.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thank you, Manolo. Hope to see you stopping by again.

Changeseeker said:

This is SO beautiful, kyledeb!! I'm going to send it to my Social Problems students who just heard a lecture on poverty and hunger Thursday. After getting smacked with the realities of the situation, they need a little "upper" right now that doesn't deny the difficulties, but does offer a broader picture. Thanks for posting this.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

That's great Changeseeker. I sometimes catch flack for not talking about the injustices in Guatemala enough, but it's revolutionary to focus on the good sometimes when the news is often so bad.

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