Walk In Their Shoes

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Follow the ill-fated journey of a group of Mexican migrants with this interactive map developed by UC Davis digital design students Derek Huntzinger and Nathan Couch.  Based on Luis Alberto Urrea's book The Devil's Highway: A True Story, this map guides you along the route which has come to represent, more and more, the path most traveled, as migrants are pushed into more dangerous desert crossings by tighter border security. This story has never been more relevant than now, as migrants continue to die in unprecedented numbers in their attempt to reach el norte. 

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We must claim justice to migrants all over the world. You have a good blog, interesting. It's the humble opinion of a person who was born in Argentina and now is living in Spain. Happy Christmas a better New Year 2008.

nezua said:

dude. your modesty with this MTV thing is relalllllyl makeing me look shallow. so STOP IT! and get proud!!! jajajja!

felicidades, bitch!!!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thank you Martin,

That really means a lot.

joe said:

so here we go again... poor immigrant!! Where do i even began... What part of illegal is so hard to grasp? It all just makes me sick. You are leaving your country that is corrupt, poverty stricken, dirty, and what, create the same here? If you do not want to become an American, leave! Try to fix the country you came from before you try to fix the country you are wanting to be a citizen of. We do not need to learn your language, or culture, we do not need to assimilate to you. Try doing things the legal way, teach you kids English (this country does speak it) and follow the laws, or go back and champion your own country and countrymen to a great cause and CHANGE things that are bad!! Speak out about your own government that is so horrible, allows the children to live in poverty (or is that you) live in such corruption. You are a hypicrite, Tell us to open our border, you should do first before you instruct. Makes me sick! Immigrant's are welcome, it is how you go about it. You really are not the victim here, and stop acting like it.

janna said:

To answer your arguments as concisely as possible:
Mexican and Central American migrants are economic refugees. They come here to work, period. Most do not intend to stay, only to work a few years. Can you imagine having to make the choice to leave your family to work in another country for a few years, just so your children can stay in school instead of going to work at age 9?
Some do end up wanting to stay, and make efforts to assimilate by learning English. Previous generations of immigrants did not learn English right away; usually the second generation speaks English almost exclusively. This generation of latino immigrants is no different.
The legal avenues of immigration to this country are backlogged and nearly impossible to navigate, and for the poorest and most desperate, there are NO legal avenues. It is no longer as simple as walking through Ellis Island and being declared free of disease, like it was for our ancestors. Our ancestors may have done it “the legal way,” but the “legal way” was not out of reach of the common person back then. It is now.
Thousands of people have left New York state in the past ten years to find jobs in North Carolina, due to the high taxes in NY and the exodus of many manufacturing jobs. As far as I know, no one in NC has told any New Yorkers to stay in NY and “try to fix the [state] you came from” or “go back and champion your own country [state] and countrymen [statemen] to a great cause and CHANGE things that are bad [in New York state]!!” Change is not in the hands of the people when their government is corrupt. And when your family is struggling just to eat, there is no time for political action (which can get you imprisoned or killed in some countries).
Migrants most certainly and absolutely ARE victims; they are victims of our trade and economic policies that lead to the elimination of their jobs, destroy the livelihoods of their farmers and plunge their families into poverty. If you need evidence of this, please read what is happening with NAFTA, and why Mexicans are going hungry: http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSN2018168620071220

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I don't think anyone could have said it better, janna. You're going to have to come up with something a lot better than "what part of illegal don't you understand" joe. If anything that just tells us that you don't understand.

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