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For those of us who are busy with the season's festivities, here is a sampling from the pro-migrant blogosphere and other happenings from the past week to enjoy:

December 12 marked the day of La Virgen de Guadalupe.  Even if you missed the awesome MaƱanitas on Univision that night, which included many beautiful musical requests for Her protection of migrants, you can still see a slideshow and video of the festivities from Antigua, Guatemala.

The Gringa in San Miguel has been following an evolving documentary about the immigration debate in Virginia, with a series of videos guaranteed to warm you up, via a boost in your blood pressure.

For a Guatemalan migrant's take on immigration issues in Canada, check out El Toronteco.

La Bloga featured an update of the proposed border fence, and how our government is trampling the rights of our indigenous people.

Luis Alberto Urrea posted his exclamation-evoking Immigration Monday, with its weekly arsenal of information to help better equip us pro-migrant warriors.

Latina Lista called for an end to raids as ICE has been spreading la mala onda all week, from the insultingly named Operation Tamale, to stooping to a new low in the capture of families in Oklahoma.

Nezua offered some food for thought as we approach the season of consumerism and consumption.  If that motivates you to make a change for the better, Man Eegee has made some excellent suggestions for giving to help offset some of the suffering of migrants.  

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