"Sometimes humanitarian needs trump immigration laws."

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My favorite quote from today's NPR/Iowa Public Radio Democratic debate.  Senators Hillary Clinton (NY), Barack Obama (IL), Christopher Dodd (CT), Joseph Biden (DE), former Senators Mike Gravel (AK) and John Edwards (NC), and Representative Dennis Kucinich (OH) answered questions about Iran, China, and immigration.  If you missed it, check back for streaming and downloadable audio later this evening after 6 p.m. EST.

Due to the format of the debate, with each speaker introduced before he or she spoke, it was sometimes unclear who was speaking.  As I listened, I was also working, so once in a while a statement caught my attention, only to leave me frustrated as they moved on at the end of the statement without thanking the speaker by name.  This was, unfortunately, the case with the above quote.  Therefore, the candidate who made that statement will have to remain a mystery until I re-listen to the debate in the quiet of my home this evening, or until one of our readers posts the answer in comments.

UPDATE: I was ready to bet the farm that it was Kucinich who said this, but as it turns out, it was Joe Biden

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Glen said:

I liked that quote too. They all seemed more reasonable without an audience to play to.

yave begnet said:

I read in the NY Times that the candidates were asked whether they would turn in somebody they knew was not in lawful immigration status. That sounds pretty ominous--I'm having images of Big Brother, the Stasi, and the Red Guard. For all their talk of individual liberty, I'm afraid this is the direction the Dobbs/Tancredo crowd would like to see us go.

janna Author Profile Page said:

Obama answered that he would not "deputize" ordinary citizens to do the job of the federal government, but I would've liked to hear some outrage over the very idea of citizens going around reporting anyone who looks or sounds "illegal." NPR is being criticized (see http://www.theunapologeticmexican.org/elgrito/2007/12/npr_a_la_kgb.html ) for even bringing up that question in the first place.

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