Lou Dobbs Race Baiter

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When it comes to race baiting, Lou Dobbs is a hypocrite.  Check out this new video that I've put together where Lou Dobbs gives a pass to a staunch racist at forum in Illinois.  Then, just a day later, he accuses Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) of race baiting on his show.  This and Gutierrez didn't even mention race once!  I can't help but see hypocrisy when Dobbs gives a pass to an anti-migrant racist in his forum at the same time that he constantly calls out pro-migrant advocates for race-baiting on his show. 

Dobbs's popularity results from filling the vacuum spineless establishment Democrats are leaving in their wake.  In the absence of strong progressive leadership, Lou Dobbs has been able to twist populist rhetoric into anti-migrant hate and economic irrationality. 

Make sure to sign the petition to boycott Lou Dobbs over at boycottdobbs.us .  Let him know that the people he claims to represent will not stand for his harmful rhetoric.  His words divide and degrade human kind.

I also want to thank Max and the Marginalized for giving me permission to use their music in the video.  Check out their myspace page to hear more music.  Their only asking for a donation of 50 cents for each downloaded song.  Not bad for quality work like this.  The lyrics for Dobbs-inspired song, "Weeknights at Six" are below.

Weeknights at six a face comes on my screen

With flapping jowls and vicious scowls obscene

Up in arms and sounding alarms about keeping the homeland clean

Weeknights at six I see things better left unseen

Correspondents nervously chuckle along

As you shake your head and stare at your desk and yawn

Taking a breaking from the news for the hate, the complaints they go on for so long

Weeknights at six, tell me what else is on

'Cause there's other things that happen on any given day

But the subject never changes it's just "Get them out right away"

You haven't lost a thing, yet you're taking back what's yours

Weeknights at six I don't want to watch no more

Weeknights at six the venom crawls through the wire

Legitimizing the fringe for an hour entire

With one of them stuck so deep in your mouth I can't hold your feet to the fire

Weeknights at six, it's early but Christ, I'm tired

That vitriolic monologue comes time and time again

I expect that shit from KFI but not from CNN

And since I tuned in yesterday I've heard this one before

Weeknights at six I don't want to watch anymore

You haven't lost a thing and you're taking back what's yours

Weeknights at six I don't want to watch no more

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This is awesome work!

kyledeb said:

This is cross-posted on Daily Kos and Blue Mass. Group.

kyledeb said:

Many thanks Stace,

My video skills are slowly improving.

Much Love,

Dee said:

I posted your video on my blog.
Great Job!

Man Eegee said:

Awesome narrative, Kyle. Definitely nails Dobbs for hypocrisy.

yave begnet said:

Nice video. It's frightening that there are people like the "they're NOT WHITE" man out there. It's more frightening to wonder how many more are thinking the same thing but not saying it.

azemun said:

Thank you for this Kyle, great work! Dobbs' game is so obvious here, bared for all to see.

kyledeb said:

I'm glad people are digging this video. Kudos to ICIRR for recording this and doing all of this online action. We'll see how much play the video gets, but it'll be a while yet before my skills evolve.

Max said:


This came out awesome, really psyched to be a part of it!

Max and the Marginalized

kyledeb said:

By the way this post got promoted to the front of BMG. Yeah!

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