Edmundo Rocha, Our Texan of the Year

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I don't think we can do enough back-patting in the pro-migrant blogosphere.  We are few and the opposition is strong. Any recognition we get is cause for celebration.  I'm extremely happy to announce that XP of Para Justicia Y Libertad, otherwise known as Edmundo Rocha, was recently given a silver star by the Texas Progressive Alliance after being nominated for Texan of the Year

xpEdmundo Rocha. Blending lends heavy-handed social critiques, local and national politics, and a heaping dose of common sense in his blog, Edmundo Rocha tackles heavy topics like imigration (sic), teenage pregnancy, racial and gender politics, and backs up everything with a sense of style and spirit. With a loyal and unwavering audience (his Texan of the Year nomination, in fact, was suggested in the comments of a blog by one of Edmundo’s readers), Rocha has rapidly become one of the state’s most prominent Latino bloggers. No issue is too tough, and none taboo for this blogger.
Congratulations, XP and I'll never forget your early support for Immigration Orange.

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XP said:

Thank you Kyle

Just the other day, I just noticed I never updated my blogroll from Immigration Orange to Citizen Orange.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

My pleasure, XP, and no worries about the blogroll, you've driven more than enough links our way.

yave begnet said:

Well done, XP. Congrats!

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