Citizen Orange Mentioned in DMI Memo

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In a "Memo to the Netroots on Immigration" Elana Levin of the Drum Major Institute gave a nod to the Latino Blogosphere and Citizen Orange for our work on immigration.

The burgeoning Latino/a blogosphere, front-lined by the likes of Latino Pundit, Latina Lista and Para Justicia y Libertad and which includes immigration policy blogs like Immigration Orange and Migra Matters, continue to expose anti-immigrant myths, call attention to under-reported stories, promote immigrant voices and drive on-the-ground pro-migrant activism. Diarists on community blogs like “Colorado Luis” and Migra Matters editor “Duke1676”’s crossposts to DailyKos have kept blog readers outside of the immigrant rights community informed of ICE raids and deportations. There must be greater attention for their efforts outside of immigrant rights circles.
While I don't think Elana could have ever given the Latino blogosphere enough credit for the pro-migrant haven they have provided, it's still nice to know that our work is getting recognized.

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