Another Dispicable Anti-Migrant Troll

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UPDATE: This anti-migrant troll continues to post from Madison, Alabama, forcing me to ban IT.

I don't usually post on the weekends.  But, in managing Citizen Orange's comments, I came across the tactics of another despicable anti-migrant troll.  Not only is this troll so cowardly that IT refuses to identify ITself, but this troll has engaged in misrepresenting ITself as one of Citizen Orange's beloved bloggers.

The troll commented here and here.

Pretending to be yave begnet, this troll has engaged in spewing anti-migrant and twisted logic, which I refuse to answer, because of the underhanded way in which IT has identified itself.  This is the sort of hate that we have to confront online, and in real life.  It is in anonymity that we are confronted with the true hate and cowardice of the anti-migrant viewpoints that are responsible for the suffering of millions.

I've written this post and published these cowardly comments, and expose the world to what the pro-migrant blogosphere has to confront on a daily basis.

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yave begnet said:

Um, yeah, that wasn't me. Pretty shady, actually.

Speaking of Trolls, has anyone else noticed how the hate group alipac.US (not to be confused with is trolling the SPLC's Hate Watch blog?
If these people weren't so bigoted, those comments might actually be funny.

kyledeb said:

I have noticed that DM, and it's only a matter of time before they pick up Citizen Orange. They will have met their match here, though, because I'm not going to tolerate that sort of action.

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