Out From Under the Trees

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Angelo Mancuso is seeking support for his new documentary on migrant agricultural workers, American Harvest.  Cast your vote and help this movie get a wider distribution!

Hat tip to Tomás at HispanicTips.com.

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kyledeb said:

The best blogging decision I ever made in my life was to ask you for the honor of having you post on Citizen Orange. Keep up the good work, janna. I've been slacking.

Many thanks to Tomas for his original post on Hispanictips.com and to you Janna for putting the information about my film on your site.

I am new to the blogging experience. Most of the time when I post information about my film I include the fact that it is nonpartisan and simply shows the facts as they are.

After several weeks of extremely venomous comments replied to me personally, FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER SEEN "AMERICAN HARVEST," it is refreshing to see and here you and your readers support my efforts.

I would encourage everyone to use the email opt-in on http://www.americanharvestmovie.com and sign up so we can notify you when the film is screened in your community.

I will leave you with a note from some who has seen the film.

All the best,
Angelo Mancuso

Democrat & Chronicle ~ Letter to the Editor
August 18 , 2007

A true account of migrant workers

"I had the unique opportunity to watch American Harvest in my sociology class at Rochester Institute of Technology, and I must say it was one of the most innovative movies devoted to representing the migrant workers' situation in America.

Unlike other movies devoted to this subject, it shows the account in such a way that the truth is represented, without opinions and motives from the director. This film uses live accounts and facts to argue its case, while also showing the migrant workers' day at work. It gives an amazing perspective that every American should take into consideration.

I am a Mexican-American, a descendant of migrant workers, and I've had the opportunity to see the situation firsthand and hear accounts from my family who still work in the fields. I must say this is the truest account I have ever seen. This movie can be a catalyst to light a fire that will burn away the many misconceptions that American society has about migrant workers."


kyledeb said:

It's always a thrill to read comments from the people behind what we report on. I've signed up to see the movie and I encourage others to do so as well.

janna said:

Angelo, I'm more than happy to help promote your film. By presenting migrants' lives in such a straightforward way, politics and opinions aside, you're more likely to reach those who hold misconceptions, and those who are just unaware of migrants farm workers at all. It's easy to preach to the choir, but it's quite another thing to actually change minds. Your film holds the potential to do that; all we have to do it get it seen!
Thank you for stopping by.
Kindest regards,

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