My Computer Died

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After taking a long hiatus from Citizen Orange it's just my luck that the day I return, the laptop that I've been lugging around for four years breaks on me.  It was time.  I took that laptop everywhere.  I even took that laptop with me (well-hidden) on the migrant route from Guatemala into the United States.  I guess the sand from the Sonora desert finally got to it. 

After years of patchwork repairs and monthly reformatting it finally just started dieing on me.  The fan had been acting up for over a month, and I recently I had resorted to taking the computer apart and cleaning out the fan.  On top of that my battery only had like 2 minutes of life in it.  I think the heat and problems with the battery just ended up being too much for it.

I don't know what I'm going to do in the meantime, but I'm itching to blog.  Some big things have been happening behind the scenes that I can't mention yet, but you'll hear about them soon enough.  I just want to thank everyone that's stuck by me through these years.  Especially Janna, who has really been picking up the slack for me as I've taken on all these projects.

It's time to stop talking about how new media communications can assist the pro-migrant movement and start doing it.  Those of you that stick around are in for a wild ride.

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Man Eegee said:

Sorry to hear about the laptop troubles, I had to buy a new battery for mine recently as it was also showing a lifespan of two minutes or so. Let us know if there's any way we can help you get something new lined up. paz

nezua said:

sorry to hear it bro! agh.

kyledeb said:

Thanks for the encouragement friends. It's always good to know I've got help when I run into hard times. I just found out the hard-drive crapped out, probably the worst thing that could've happened, arg! I'll find a way to get by though. Thanks again.

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