Disappointment In New York

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New York state governor Eliot Spitzer has abandoned his plan to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses.  After previously expressing sympathy for his plan, Hillary Clinton now opposes the idea, while Barack Obama continues to support it. 

Not only is this a setback for New Yorkers who were hoping for safer roads and greater accountability for undocumented people, and a let down for migrants who want to drive legally, but this looks bad for the Democrats, and adds one more reason to be disappointed in Hillary.

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kyledeb said:

Thanks for covering this, janna. I was writing about this late last night when my computer shut down and I took it as a sign.

SooHan said:

Hey Kyle!
Keep up the wonderful work..
If there's anything I can do from NJ/NYC let me know!!! God bless you kid

Hi Kyle

I had to take an enormous break from Immigration Orange as I was extremely pi**ed off by the comment directed at me.

Anyway, back now, still in Antigua. Your sister never replied to my follow-up email. Maybe you can remind her.

On this issue, as people without documentation are presently obliged to break the law in order to drive and as being in most parts of the US necessitates some mode of private transportation and as I feel it is better somebody be registered and have insurance etc than be out there just doing their thing - for those reasons, I support allowing drivers licenses to be issued, pretty much the same way I would not hold somebody's status being used against them if they witness a crime (you want people to come forward) or call in a 911 etc.

Having been thinking over these issues more broadly, one issue with a take such as the one above is that I am at heart a pragmatist. I say - "These people are here and you can debate the rights and wrongs of that to your heart's content, but it won't change the simple fact that these people are here."

Another side of the debate appears unwilling to accept this exceedingly simple fact and proceed along lines of wanting mass deportation (economically impossible) or to 'apply the law' and so on.

I am with you, inasmuch as you never claim that the present situation is ideal, far from it, and you advocate long-term policies that will have a real impact on the root causes of migration. For some reason, this sees you criticised as being in possession of 'ideology' or 'an agenda' and so on, the price of being ahead of the curve on an issue perhaps.

Keep going and I am still prepared to go up to Tecun, the weather is much better now.

Just noticed the pictures in the design - Arbenz, right? Good.

And I take it you read The Art of Political Murder by Francisco Goldman - good read.

kyledeb said:


Thanks for the continued support. There will be a time that I will call on it.


It's so good to have you back. I can understand how angry you were about that comment directed at you. The anonymity of the internet coupled with the inability to express oneself solely through the written word is what makes for situations like that, and I'm so happy you're back with all of your insight.

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