Cooking Rubber Chicken Rahm

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The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) recently partnered with Blue America in order to hold Rahm Emanuel accountable for his anti-migrant posturing as the representative of one of the most diverse congressional districts in the nation (Illinois' 5th Congressional District).

ICIRR began this fight with a rubber chicken campaign at YearlyKos (see left) in an effort to get Emmanuel to stand for migrant rights. 

The exact opposite happened.  After a close electoral fight in Massachusetts, Emmanuel assumed the role of Tom Tancredo of the Democrats, and issued this comment to the Washington Post:

“This issue has real implications for the country. It captures all the American people’s anger and frustration not only with immigration, but with the economy,” said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and an architect of the Democratic congressional victories of 2006. “It’s self-evident. This is a big problem.”
    - Jonathan Weisman - Washington Post
Democrats were running scared after the Massachusetts special election, but an overwhelmingly different picture was painted after the recent local elections in Virginia.  There Republicans failed miserably on an anti-migrant agenda and now the tides have changed.

Now ICIRR is engaging in a full frontal assault on Emanuel, by coordinating attack adds with Blue America.  The ads planted in local papers ask a simple question.  “Why is Congressman Emanuel Betraying Our Friends and Families?”:

“The immigrant community is not on Congressman Emanuel’s radar, even though the 5th Congressional District is one of the most diverse districts in the nation. In his own District, legal permanent residents struggle to become US Citizens as they fight red tape, higher fees, and citizenship delays – you name it, and his constituents are still waiting for him to show leadership on immigration reform. If our own Congressman will not champion our rights as immigrants, who will?”— Monika Starczuk, Resident 5th Congressional District

Many of our community and religious leaders understand the dreams of our families, friends and neighbors to make a better life for their children. Why can’t Representative Rahm Emanuel? With our families and communities under attack, we need strong leadership — not political cowardice.

Call Congressman Emanuel now at (773) 267-5926 and tell him “Stop being afraid to fight for immigrants, and start acting like a real leader.
    - ICIRR - Newspaper Ads
I would like to get back to my bread and butter soon: exposing how U.S. Foreign Policy is fueling, rather than taking away, from the problems associated with migration.  I just wanted to make this effort known because I think it is a good pro-migrant effort and I support it.

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RickB said:

Rahm is a conservative, pro-war, apartheid in Israel supporting disgrace. He interfered in the 06 primaries and lied about it, pressure may change his public position, but these are his true colours.

kyledeb said:

So the people that follow electoral politics tell me. Rahm is not the sort of person that I would want representing me, I only hope that the people of Illinois come to the same conclusions at some point.

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