MTV Choose or Lose 08: Deporting Gang Members

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I've only started making videos this month, so my skills aren't anywhere near Nezua's, but this is my submission to be Massachusetts' reporter for MTV Choose or Lose '08.  I'm still using a digital camera that was ravaged in my adventures through Mexico, and it certainly shows. 

I'm completely riding on this idea of a pop punk report.  I think humorously horrible pop punk songs are a good way to appeal to a young demographic.  I only hope MTV News likes the idea enough to support it and invest in me.  I will cover issues beyond migration, it's just my best footage and pictures had to do with migration, and that isn't saying much. 

Enough talk, here's the video:

It's supposed to be funny but if I had to tell you that I probably did a bad job.

In case you want it on Youtube, here it is:

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