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Anyone who cares about migrants would be so blessed to have the passion, stamina, patience, and optimism that Kyle possesses.  It takes tact to answer comments full of bile, discernment to know how to speak up loudly about what you believe, and toughness to keep from taking personally attacks on your position.  I am honored by Kyle's invitation to contribute to Citizen Orange, and especially thankful for the opportunity to work alongside such a dedicated, talented warrior for migrants' rights. 

My name is Janna.  Some of you have seen my comments put forth here, and on other blogs that aim to increase awareness of injustice and understanding of those who need to be better understood.  I have my own little blog, quite different from this one, but which carries a similar mission.  Kyle has provided a link to La Mariposa en la Pared over on the right.  Check it out if you get a chance.  Otherwise, it is my hope that my posts here will complement the ones that Kyle writes, and provide a balance of information, compassion and practical action that our readers will find useful.


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kyledeb said:

I can't emphasize enough how happy I am to have you posting here Janna. Great stuff.

yave begnet said:

Welcome, Janna. Looking forward to your posts.

janna said:

Thanks, Kyle and Yave. I'm happy to be here.

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