Tancredo: Prosecute Pro-Migrant Legislators!

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I hate giving extremists attention, but someone has to start calling out Tom Tancredo for the fascism he is spewing. I never thought I would see the day that a U.S. Presidential candidate would offically advocate for the prosecution of legislators for introducing a bill.

New Hampshire Democrats Lily Mesa and Susi Nord recently proposed House Bill 404 is described as "an act prohibiting state and local law enforcement agencies from enforcing federal immigration laws". To use the favored term of anti-migrant advocates it would have made New Hampshire a "sanctuary" state. For those of you that were wondering, sanctuary is a negative term for people like Tancredo. Concepts like mercy and justice make Tancredo's blood boil.
It is one thing to harmfully advocate for the local enforcement of federal immigration laws. It is another to suggest that legislators who disagree with you should be prosecuted. This is the first time I have ever used the word fascist to describe someone's viewpoints but that is exactly what this is.

Fascism: A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing aggressive nationalism and often racism
It's not like Tancredo just flippantly said these New Hampshire legislators should be prosecuted. Ge put it out in an official press release and has defended his comments to the Associated Press.

If Presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo had his way, New Hampshire lawmakers behind an immigration bill would be thrown out of office and prosecuted for helping illegal immigrants.

"If they actually implemented it, you bet. It's aiding and abetting. I think that's a pretty clear violation of the federal law," he said Wednesday of the bill, which would prohibit state and local authorities from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Tancredo, a Colorado congressman who has staked his long-shot campaign for president on his vehement opposition to illegal immigration, acknowledged some legal obstacles likely would prevent prosecuting state lawmakers over proposed legislation. Otherwise, "I'd be more than willing to pursue it," he said. Mayors and city councilors who adopt sanctuary city policies also should face criminal charges, he said.

I won't dwell too much on sanctuary policies, but they are absolutely necessary for local and state police to protect local residents. If migrants can't go to local law enforcement officials, they can't report on crimes committed against them, or by other people. Fostering trust with migrant populations actually makes cities and towns safer and more lawful. Even the Association of Major Cities Police Chiefs agrees that local officials should not enforce federal immigration law. If you have a problem with it, take it up with them.


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OneifbyLand said:

Sanctuary Cities are by definition OUTLAW CITIES where
the U.S. Rule of Law does not apply.What is it about
ILLEGAL that people do not understand?
The USA wants

kyledeb said:

Again, I allow these comments to engage the other side. But this looks like this person is just a standard anti-migrant advocate that has the privilege to spend time writing comments on random forums. Migrants don't have the privilege to spend this kind of time on their computers.

I know this because he/she highlights the word ILLEGAL, standard practice for the online anti-migrant machine. This ridiculousness about the dichotomy between legal/illegal is addressed here:

Immigration Orange Lesson #3

I'll bet you the person never cared about legal immigrants, which have a great many problems under the current immigration system as well, in his/her life.

If this person were educated, he/she would know that it is not against the law to place the enforcement of federal law in the federal governments hands. On the contrary it makes sense for public safety and law and order reasons. Like I said take it up with the Association of Major Cities Police chiefs. Don't waste your time here.

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